How to nail your post drinks experience

A skill not to be underestimated

When it gets to the point in your night out when you’re not ready to go to bed but you’ve had enough being pon the club, its time to imitate the increasingly popular post-drinks ritual.

In your drunken state, there is a fine line between a wonderful extension to the night and never-ending babble. Here are our top tips so that you don’t fuck it.

Not being too drunk

If you can no longer operate yourself and words come out in a mess then its probably best you go to bed and sleep it off.  Similarly if your feeling a wave of your teary-eyed emotional drunk persona coming out, take yourself off, it is not like you need to drink more, is it?

In the literal gutter

At post drinks, clue in the name, there will be more drinking so pace yourself.

Select your squad

Is there going to be a moron bouncing around post drinks still trying to pull? Or maybe a well established fun sponge? Cut em loose and continue your joy filled journey home.

Absolute weapons

Number one rule of post-drinks: leave your judgement at the door.

The selection of people coming back to yours or going to your mates should be people you actually want to have a daft and judgement free conversation with, who wants to be reminded of the dim things they’ve drunkenly said for the next two years?

Food based reinforcements

You’ve all been dancing for a considerable amount of the evening and in order to plough through there will need to be some fuel involved.

Depending on where you’ve been enjoying your night out, there are a range of food based solutions on offer. If you’re at the Union, Broomhill Friery or Balti King are calling. Alternatively, Leadmill calls for a McDonald’s, and if for some reason you have ended up at Plug, Chicken Stop is at hand.

We’re not saying that you have to grab yourself 20 chicken nuggets, but it will make you hit with anyone and everyone at post drinks. Unless for some unknown reason they don’t like nuggets at which point you can then question the foundation of your friendship with them.

Musical selection

Sense the tone of your post drinks, the majority of the time you’ll want it to be a chilled yet upbeat vibe, think Cyril Hahn remixes. If you relentlessly put on angry rock or aggressive drum and bass, face the reality that you may be ejected from the post drinks all together.

Clothing is key

Ridiculous yet comfortable

Vital to your enjoyment of post drinks is your attire. Yes, you went out in your best shirt or dress and yes you looked fab but now is the time to put that aside and whack out instead all your hardcore Northface attire.

Find or borrow yourself a sizeable jumper, blanket or if you’re really ready to branch out a bobble hat and cuddle up in to its cloud-like comfort.


Consequences of a solid post-drinks

Fair warning, carrying on drinking after the clubs have closed is going to feel you feeling like a swamp creature and you will need to drag yourself to the Notty House for a remedying pie.

However, the bonding experience is one hundred percent worth it, not only do you get to learn about your mates via their drunken musical selection, post-drinks is often the home of many a nonsensical conversation and the highlight of your night out.