OMG! is going to literally drop £1,000 from its ceiling next month

Make it rain.

OMG! Sheffield’s newest gay bar down West Street, is going to drop £1,000 from the ceiling during its Friday club night. 

The club, which caused a stir back in February by including a ‘pink=slut’ option in its Valentine’s traffic light party, is set to drop the wad of bank notes from its ceiling on Friday 13 May.

In a promotional video on the club’s Facebook page, OMG! claims it “had the balls” to do the cashdrop first in its other chains across the country and is now bringing it to Sheffield.

Conjuring up images of the jungle fight scene in Mean Girls, OMG! has madly told clubbers to ‘bring carrier bags, cover yourself in sticky tape and anything to help you grab that Money’.

However, there has been some scepticism over the likelihood of getting your hands on some of the dropped grand.

One facebook user, Paul W Shep, commented: “Given they are crisp notes and if my calculation is right this will be 200 £5 notes (is smallest note).

“Given the crowd size in OMG!, the likelihood of catching a dropped note, not to mention the hustle n bustle is very unlikely.

“If they drop £10 notes then less so.”

The cashdrop will take place during the club’s TGI Friday night, which the bar says is ‘always Sheffield’s best night out and now the cheapeast too’, offering their ‘big 9 for 99p’ drinks deal all night.