How to dress like you go to Sheffield Uni

Where would you be without your school tie and bucket hat?

There are some items that are absolute wardrobe essentials. Exchange your versatile blue jeans and hoodies for some TTC  appropriate wavy garms and some warm coats for the northern winters. Here you will find the clothes you absolutely need to make the most of Sheffield’s night life and brave the coldest weather. If you don’t have these staple items already, then hit the shops right away.

School uniform for Corp Wednesdays

A tie is a Sheffield wardrobe essential

Everyone knows that rocking up to Corp Wednesdays in anything other than school uniform is just embarrassing. White shirts and ties have always been wardrobe essentials, but with Corp Wednesday’s dress code as strict as an office, your Sheffield capsule wardrobe really is empty without them.

Warm coat

Snug and smug

You can’t really go anywhere in Sheffield without one. The bigger and warmer the better. Vintage fur coats have the cool factor, but if you fancy being really sensible and in control opt for a waterproof coat with a hood. Turning up to lectures looking like you nearly drowned on your way there has never been a beauty trend.

Wavy garms

So wavy

Sheffield is full of wavy garm appropriate nights. From Tuesday Club to Night Kitchen, Adidas jackets and bucket hats are almost mandatory. Whether you prefer to go for head-to-toe ’90s sportswear or just to rock a garishly patterned oversized shirt, the wavier the better.

Several pairs of Corp shoes

This pair might need replacing

Wearing shoes that cost you anything above a tenner to Corp is a bad idea. Make sure you own some cheap shoes that you don’t mind getting ruined. You may need to stock up on some more throughout the year, as they have been known to grow mould.

Band T-shirts

‘i loved the smiths before they were cool’

Everyone will think you’re super unique if you wear a band t-shirt. What better way to tell the whole of Sheffield that your music taste is totally on point? It’s a great way to make new friends and impress everyone with your taste. Make sure everyone knows what concerts you went to in 2014 by repeatedly wearing the t-shirts you bought from the merch stand. Especially Arctic Monkeys t-shirts, because they don’t look touristy at all. Alternatively, you don’t even need to listen to the band to wear them.