Street Style: Best menswear on campus

Complete with critical perspectives provided by Bee Lokkit

Bee Lokkit, Sheffield’s fashion prophet, critiques the outfits of some of our most stylish boys.
When interviewed by The Tab earlier this year Bee Lokkit said the boys and men of Sheffield “never think about what they wear”, they dress “randomly” and “not very well.” We tested the theory and here are Bee Lokkit’s thoughts.

Ewan, Medicine 


Bee says: “Ewan pairs a double-breasted coat with black trousers, creating a simple yet well-matched look. The brown leather shoes and the simple but stylish handbag add make it more trendy. This outfit is mature and professional without being old fashioned.”

Ethan, English Lit

Bee says: “Ethan’s denim jacket and light blue headphones give the normal Sheffield indie kid vibe. The rest of his outfit is quite simple but sometimes simple is better.”

Dinu, Chemical Engineering

Bee says: “Dinu is simply dressed with a t-shirt inside an autumn jacket, which is really convenient for lectures. He also wears a pure dark slim fit jean. Unfortunately it looks a bit like he’s wearing high school PE lesson shoes.

Sam, English Lit

Bee says: “Sam wears a similar stereotypical “Sheffield youth look” with a usual dark denim jacket, and black slim-fit jeans again, but his shoes are more stylish than the others.
“The white Doc Martens are a brighter and more unique addition under the otherwise overly dark outfit. If he was late for his lecture, his professor would probably remember him for his bright shoes.”

Luke, Geography

Bee says: “Luke is the only one with trousers in a colour other than black. You won’t be surprised seeing a lot of people dressed like this around the Students Union and around the uni.
“It’s a kind of routine dressing, with a formal checkered shirt and a black jacket as a nice tool to cope with our lovely Sheffield weather. However, it does look like he is working really hard on his coursework or something, from the rainy colour scheme of his outfit.”

Tom, Chemistry

Bee says: “Tom probably really likes his warm cosy clothes. Again, perhaps, simple is better but sometimes overly simple can simply mean unacceptable. Hopefully he wouldn’t wear this for a more formal event.”

Rory, Physics

Bee says: “Rory’s outfit made me wonder why so many boys wear a backpack over a shirt. I ask all the “Sheffield boys” here. Do you guys know, actually whatever shirts you wear, even if they’re not formal, a backpack will make it look worse? You should wear a backpack with a T-shirt, or a vest.