What did you dream last night?

‘I chased Ron Weasley in just my bra’

Terrifying, sexual or just plain bizarre? Dreams are said to reveal a lot about who we are.  We put this to the test and found out what you really did dream last night.

Hannah , second year, History and Sociology

Not what you want

“I was being chased by Barney the dinosaur through the MetroCentre car park.”

Hollie, first year, Philosophy

As anyone would

“I fell out with my friend because she had a foam party without me.”

Mike, first year, Geography and Joe, first year, Politics


“My mum made me food and left it in the fridge for me.”
“All my flatmates transferred to Newcastle and left me.”

Florence, second year, English and History


“Barack Obama snogged me.”

Bee Lokkit, third year, Politics and Sociology and BNOC


“I became the United Nations commissioner.”

Nazma, third year, International Relations and Politics


“I was in a Harry Potter film and chased Ron Weasley in just my bra.

Mikey, second year, Physics

Sure okay


Jacob, first year, Philosophy and Theology

Are you okay

“My room was attacked by the zombies from “The Hills Have Eyes”. I woke up before they smashed the window and got in.”