The SU are installing free condom machines

Now there’s no excuse

condom sheffield su

Condom vending machines are to be installed in the SU over the next few weeks, dispensing condoms, lube and even chlamidya testing kits for free. 

It’s part of an ongoing drive to ensure sexual health materials are freely available throughout uni, and not something you have to search or ask for.

There will be 6 dispensers will be installed in total.

Tom Harrison, the SU Welfare Officer, said: “It’s an opportunity to expand our provision of sexual health products that are more inclusive and less heteronormative.”

“The idea came from a collaboration from myself and the Women’s Officer,” he added.

“It’s intimidating for students to come to our offices or the Advice Centre to get something that should be free.”

The machines will be found in the toilets on Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the Students’ Union, and will include condoms, lube and chlamydia testing kits.

Sian Bradley, a Journalism fresher, said: “Access to baby prevention is always good.”

In addition, a broader range of sexual health products, including dental dams, latex free condoms and sizes other than regular as well as pregnancy tests are freely available at the Students Advice Centre.

Josh Shreeve, also a Journalism fresher, said: “I’ve never used them but I guess some love rats would.”

They will be begin to be installed a week on Monday, and are in partnership between Sexual Health Sheffield and the Student’s Union.