Natalie Bennett was on the concourse yesterday

She thinks The Tab is great


Leader of the Green Party and all-round wet flannel Natalie Bennett, spoke at the SU yesterday, discussing everything from UKIP to tuition fees.

The Green Party leader graced the Jäger-stained tiles of the union concourse yesterday afternoon, as part of a desperate campaign to win back the votes of lefty students.

This comes despite recent polls reporting the Greens had fallen behind Labour and Conservative as the most popular student party.

Chilling with bae x

The Green Party leader was greeted by a concourse was awash with students eager to snap a selfie.

Natalie was positively keen to promote her policies and encourage the student population to “not vote for the lesser of two evils” or accidentally fuck up and vote UKIP. 

Before rather ambitiously vowing to end austerity, she also was full of sugary promises to scrap university fees and pay off tuition loans.

In full swing

Natalie also claimed education was “a public service” and students shouldn’t be leaving higher education with “£44,000 worth of debt.”

Speaking to the main attraction herself, she also said that The Tab “was great”, although her PR guy was less keen to let her answer our questions.

Fan girling

In typical Sheffield fashion, Bennett was met with applause and shouts of “I love you Natalie Bennett!” by various Green Party fangirls on the sidelines.

However, she was met with some resistance from one suspicious chino-clad individual, and another impassioned protester who claimed the Green party was “patronising”.