Psychology lecturer enjoys mad one at Pop Tarts

‘He was treated like a celebrity’

national noad

Maverick Psychology lecturer Myles Jones was seen getting down to that all familiar “Non-Stop-Retro-Pop” at Pop Tarts last Saturday.

Spotted pulling out some funky moves, lecturer Myles was repeatedly snapped with his fellow Faculty members.


Myles, said to be “loved by all”, usually only makes the one annual trip to Pop Tarts following the end of year Psychology ball.

So needless to say his surprise appearance in Foundry and Fusion this week enthused a hefty fan base, all eager to secure themselves a selfie with the lecturer, and now general Big Name On Campus.

Jack Farr, a third year on the course, said: “He was surrounded and being treated like a celebrity, people were queuing up for photos.”

“I wish I could tell you more – my memory didn’t keep up with all the excitement, next time I will have to make sure a Balti King experience happens”

Centre of attention

Tash Reade, a second year said: “I was surprised to see him at first… but after one of us went over he was more than happy to talk to us and take pictures.”

“Myles being there was great. He has a real skill at fitting in with the students and great dance moves aswell. It would be hard for other lecturers to live up to.”

Yet, the appearance was not as enchanting for some. Tash told us how another girl “accidentally stuck her finger in his mouth while flicking her hair.”