The Queen is coming to Sheffield

And she’s bringing Phillip

Sheffield is preparing itself for a glorious Royal Visit, with Queen Elizabeth herself set to visit the Steel City on Maundy Thursday. 

Her Majesty will be attending the traditional Maundy service at the Cathedral on April 2nd, there she’ll hand out “Maundy money” traditionally given to the poor, to pensioners of Sheffield.

A vision in lemon

As she’s turning 89 this year, she’ll be handing out 89p’s worth of “Maundy coins” to 89 men and 89 women to recognise their service to the community and the Church.

Not a massive amount Liz, but a nice gesture all the same.

“I love the Queen, but I can’t believe she’s coming to Sheffield. It’s a bit of a shit hole.” said Amy, second year Biomedical Scientist.

Ben Elliott on the other hand, who works as a verger at the Cathedral says “the Queen’s visit will probably be the proudest moment of my verging career.”