RHUL Students’ Union is investigating Tory Soc for breaking coronavirus rule of six

They posted a pic on Instagram, captioned: ‘Despite restrictions, Tory Soc was out in full force’

Royal Holloway Conservative Association is being investigated by Royal Holloway Students’ Union for breaching COVID-19 rules on campus last night, The RHUL Tab can reveal.

The rule breach was uncovered by The RHUL Tab after the society posted a picture of a group of at least 14  members outside the Founders’ building, following an event earlier in the evening.

It is currently illegal for people to meet in groups larger than six.

The picture, which was posted on Instagram, was captioned: “Last night we had our first S-D P&P! Despite restrictions, Tory Soc was out in full force.”

The Instagram post on @rhul_torysoc today, which has since been deleted.

Royal Holloway Students’ Union, which is responsible for the health and safety of student groups on campus, said: “The incident will be investigated and appropriate action taken where required.”

A spokesperson for the Royal Holloway Conservative Association told The RHUL Tab: “On our first Pint and Policy of the year, a picture was taken where some of those who attended were socially distanced but nonetheless in a group for a picture.”

They insisted that the event where the photo was taken, Pint and Policy, which was held in Crosslands’ Bar in the Founder’s building, followed the rules.

“The rest of our event followed full regulations on social distancing having reserved several tables at our venue.”

Committing the group to follow the rules in future, they added: “Like our friends in other societies, we’re adapting and learning as we go and will make sure that fantastic adherence to the COVID regulations that we followed throughout the rest of the night is followed.”

The society posted the same apology on their Instagram account after they were approached for comment by The RHUL Tab.

Royal Holloway, University of London has been contacted for comment.