RHUL Library to ‘decolonize and diversify’ its collection

The library made the controversial announcement on Twitter


RHUL Library has announced plans to “decolonize and diversify” its book collection.

The Library made the announcement in a statement responding to the killing of George Floyd, which was posted on Twitter this afternoon.

Twitter users mocked the Library’s announcement, accusing the Library of Stalin-esque behaviour and compared the move to book burning.

“Comrade Stalin would be so proud of you! Congratulations and more power to your book burning!”, wrote one user.

Prominent right-wing blogger, Guido Fawkes also tweeted: “What kind of librarian boasts that they will get rid of books?”

In the statement, the Library condemned the killing as a “tragic reminder of the structural racism still prevalent in our society”.

We totally condemn racist violence everywhere and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter,” the statement said.

“We’re also sorry for not speaking out sooner. We need to do better.”

In an effort to educate students about the “struggle against racism”, the Library has compiled a reading list, comprising of both fiction and non-fiction books, articles, films, and podcasts.

But the Library said that this alone was not enough.

“There is much more we can do,” the statement said, before outlining further steps that the Library plans to take to make “real and lasting change”.

“Going forward we will be sharing details on the steps we are taking to decolonize [sic] and diversify our collections, make our services more inclusive and tackle racism and discrimination.”

The RHUL Tab has contacted the Library to find out more about what their plans entail.