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Halloween costumes you are definitely going to see this year at RHSU

A cat, The Joker and a nun walk into a bar…

Spooky season is among us and reading week is just around the corner meaning there are going to be tonnes of Halloween related events. Whethers its a house party by the back gate, George Elliot or the infamous SU Halloween… this week is arguably one of the funniest holidays of the year and lots of that is down to the dress-up.

Whether cute costumes or fully serious cosplay is your thing, these outfits are likely to be replicated.

From the classic cat to the joker, here is the rundown on everyone you'll see on a night out.

The Cat

A versatile option coming in many forms. The cat has been a go to for many over the years and this is because it can be as simple as throwing on your favourite black dress and drawing a few whiskers on your face. Equally, you could switch it up to a leopard/tiger and re-use the animal print items in your wardrobe… or if you're feeling edgy you can go as the campus cat that's always lurking. Like many costumes the cat is often labelled as basic but its always the person dressed like a cat laughing at the end of the night when they're watching 'The Hulk' try to remove the green paint from their clothes.

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The Joker

Many of us have seen it or at the least heard of the remake of The Joker. If you haven't then this Halloween you should expect to see more Joker's than usual – if no one does the Joker scene on the steps leading up to Founders they're missing a trick. After the success of the film, more and more people are beginning to 'relate' to the Joker (to quote a conversation in the library) therefore, you should expect to see white faces and dodgy green sprayed hair by the dozen.

The Angel

This is for those who put off thinking about Halloween until it becomes Halloween. If scary isn't your vibe, the angel is a pretty and girly way to dress-up for Halloween. However, the white dress combined with simple make-up always looks 10/10. Be warned though, wearing a white dress to the SU means when the VK bottle gets thrown in main room you're going to be covered in either blue, orange, red , green or yellow.

The Devil

The devil can be done in many ways but the favourite is always with the classic red dress. There is no denying that the devil outfit is always a winner, the dress and darker makeup look can flatter anyone and this is exactly why you will see this outfit 384 times at one event. There's bound to be a group photo tomorrow morning on SU events of a collective of devils coming together for a group photo.

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The Spice Girls

A classic outfit for your classic girl band. The spice girls are always likely to perform for one night and one night only on Halloween. Not only are their outfits iconic, it's a practical outfit for a group and everyone can choose someone that represents their personality in some kind of way or at least their wardrobe, unless you're Ginger. However, there might be one to let the team down as you just found out they haven't got their Halloween ticket for the SU, who's going to be sporty spice now?

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The Nun

Made popular by the movie the nun, this outfit is done by many. The simple black and white costume is an easy Halloween look. Probably one of the more scary and also slightly generic. There are variations of the nun costume with some people going all out deathly nun and others simply wear a black dress and cross and call themselves a nun. Try and count how many rugby or football lads dress as a nun this year at the SU.

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A Mermaid

A glittery costume which fulfils lots of children's dreams of being on H20. Although not so scary, the mermaid is a very versatile and fun costume. However, it is harder to pull off as becoming half-fish is not very natural for most people, there are still so many good outfits out there, for you to live your best Ariel dreams. Imagine trying to get out of a mermaid tail whilst trying to rush so that the girls in the toilet queue don't start smashing on the cubicle door.

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The Vampire

When it comes to the vampire, there are so many ways you could do it from Dracula to Edward Cullen. An easy option for anyone requiring little to zero effort. Most people have memories of putting plastic vampire fangs in to go trick or treating… so what is stopping you from doing that this year? Just make sure you take them out before you pull so the other person doesn't end up with them in their mouth and your not stuck downing jaegerbombs by yourself.