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53 per cent of people think Katie Hopkins should be allowed to speak at RHUL

She tweeted saying she stands by the uni

Yesterday a Debating Society event where Katie Hopkins was due to appear as a guest speaker was cancelled by Royal Holloway SU due to safety concerns. A poll by The Royal Holloway Tab has revealed that the majority of those who voted are actually in favour of her visiting the uni.

The results of the poll showed that 52.6% of people voted in favour of Katie Hopkins giving a talk at the university, and 47.4% said she should not be allowed to visit. 768 people voted in total.

Katie Hopkins herself also supported the event on Twitter, saying she stands by Royal Holloway and that she will be "bringing truth to campus."

She has also asked for a retraction from one of the societies who signed the letter, whilst also claiming to "identify as a Latino-trans on Thursdays between 3-5pm."

An open letter responding to the event signed by eight different societies was released to the students of RHUL asking the Debating Society to revoke their invitation of Katie Hopkins to the uni for the event.

The letter quickly caught the attention of many students, causing the Debating Society to release a statement on their facebook page defending the talk.

Around an hour later Royal Holloway SU released a statement cancelling the event due to "safety" reasons. The SU stated that they were unable to get the security staff and facilities ready in time for such an event.

Some of the students of RHUL have called this undemocratic and the SU has been attacked, calling them undemocratic and for deplatforming Katie Hopkins.