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Vote for Royal Holloway’s BNOC 2019: Semi-final

It’s about to go down

Hell yeah, it's time for semi-finals.

Who will you send to the final in order to become RoHo's biggest name on campus? Don't forget to check out the Tab Royal Holloway's Instagram to get some exclusive info on these legends.

Aadam Ahmed, Politics of Development, postgraduate

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"I haven't missed a single SU night in 2019, I feel my BNOC rivals can't provide you that level of commitment so vote Aadam for a BNOC you can rely on #COYAADAM".

Jack Colman, English and Drama, third year

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''Just a nice guy looking to make friends. If crowned, catch me in the Quad with a pitcher of Pimms''.

Tom Soal, Computer Sciences, second year

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''I've given blood, sweat, watermelon VKs and a 50 inch TV to reach this stage, please don't let it be in vain''.

Lily Arama Sánchez, Mathematics with French, first year

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"No shade to the other contestants but pretty sure no one else is in a music video with 300k+ views".