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RoHo’s most eligible bachelorette 2019: Heat two

More eye candy


Heat one not enough for you? Here’s some more of RoHo’s fittest gals.

Don’t forget to head over to the Tab Royal Holloway’s Instagram to find out more about our second lot of lovely ladies.

Shannon Brassil, English and History, 1st year

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‘I’m Shannon, I’m from Ireland, and studying English and History. Yes, my hair is natural.’

Mica Brown, Psychology, 2nd year

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‘I love elephants so I hope your trunk compares’

Phoebe Leake, Biomedical Sciences, 1st Year

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‘Small but feisty. Loves to gym as well as riding.’

Eleanora Poulmenti, Criminology and Sociology, 3rd Year

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‘Come get me before Brexit does’

Elize Raif, Music, 3rd year

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‘For someone so weak I say ‘I’ll ‘ave ya’ a lot’

Sara Pérez, Physics, 1st Year

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‘I’m Spanish, so you can bet I’m giving it my all at the SU when mi gente comes on.’

Lily Grainger, English Literature, 3rd Year

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‘Costume queen, English LIT ? student, most likely wearing fur or slip dresses.’

Fleur Kingston, Geography, 3rd Year

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‘Just want someone to look at me the same way I look at gin.’

Amelia McLintock, Music, 2nd Year

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‘Red hair: the crown you never take off ?’