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Antisemitic messages saying ‘Fuck Israel’ found on campus

Someone wrote ‘nah, Palestine is a terrorist state’ below

An antisemitic message reading "fuck Israel" was found in Imagine on Royal Holloway campus.

After someone crossed out Israel on the map, others arrows started appearing pointing at the country and writing the word "Israel", which were then crossed out again. A debate then developed on Imagine's wall map, with remarks such as "Jews have a country, get over it", "Israel commits war, crimes get over it" and finally "nah, Palestine is a terrorist state, get over it".

Imagine is well known for its international atmosphere, with a world map covering a whole wall, and clocks with different time zones hanging on the walls.

As of publishing, the map with the offensive comments is still up.

Image may contain: Atlas, Plot, Diagram, Map

The messages are still up

When asked about the antisemitic drawings on campus, the Students' Union President, Clem Jones, told The Royal Holloway Tab: "The Students’ Union strongly condemns this type of behaviour and will always take a stand against racism on campus. It is essential that all students are able to live and study on a safe, welcoming and inclusive campus without the fear of suffering any form of racism, harassment or discrimination.

"If at any point you witness or feel you are a victim of any instance of racism, harassment or discrimination we strongly encourage you to report this to [email protected] or Campus Security on 01784 443888."