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There was an actual fire in the SU yesterday

It was evacuated for an hour and a half

Last night the SU was closed for a period of time due to a speaker catching fire. A source who knows one of the DJ's at the SU told The Royal Holloway Tab that apparently a drink was poured over one of the speakers in Tommy's Kitchen, setting off the fire alarms, and was eventually put out by a member of staff.

The dancefloor was evacuated for about and hour and a half around midnight, leaving students to wait in the cold. The dancefloor eventually reopened, but Tommy's Kitchen remained shut.

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The fire alarm has gone off a number of times during a night out, but this was the first time there has been an actualy fire. According to a member of SU staff the fire department has signed it all off, so the SU is good to go for tonight and tomorrow, the final night of Welcome Week.