Local candidates are en-route to RoHo for the SU’s Big Debate

They’ll be there to answer all your questions

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With the General Election fast approaching, candidates for our constituency, Runnymede, have made sure to schedule a visit to Royal Holloway to answer all of our hard-pressing questions.

Conservative MP Philip Hammond will be visiting our University alongside Fiona Dent (Labour), John Vincent (Lib Dem) and Lee-Anne Lawrence (Greens) for The Big Debate on 26th May at the Student’s Union building. The event will run from 1-2:30 pm, and tickets are going fast. Also, the event is FREE, so take advantage of this opportunity to challenge local MPs. Unfortunately, but also unsurprisingly, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will not be attending.

When asked they had to say about the big event, student Lucas Miller replied: “I hope everyone understands the importance of the event, and that they should take full advantage of this great opportunity. It’ll be grand.” However, not all students are responding positively, as first year Joseph Kavanagh claimed, “To be honest, I feel like people are getting a bit bored of politics.”

Don’t forget you’ll be able to head down to Medicine on Results Night (8th June) to hear the results of the General Election.