RHUL’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round four

No, it’s still not over


It’s the final round of the pre-lims, nominate your favourite bachelor to put him through to the final!

Aadam Ahmed, International Relations, Second Year

I would describe myself as a fun individual with an outgoing personality. I only study International Relations as if I were to do Business Management I would reinforce every stereotype of my ethnic origin. That being said I am an advocate of the ‘trapping lifestyle’ and I can comfortably say trapping is a lifestyle and not a hobby.

Tristan Soza

Music means the absolute world to me, you’ll probably find me at a gig or festival. Nothing better than a Sunday Netflix binge.

Jack O’Neill, History and International Relations, Second Year

“If America voted Trump then you can vote O’Neill.”

João Monteiro Fernandes, Business and Management, Second Year

Portuguese watch-enthusiast, golfer, rower and expert in diving. Studying Business Management, the guitar and the way to your heart.
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