A ‘drunken builder’ has been arrested after harassing female RHUL students

He was carried ‘screaming and kicking’ into the padded van by a number of policemen

Today at 3pm a “drunken builder” was forced into a padded police van outside the Royal Holloway SU, after reportedly harassing a number of female students in Tommy’s Kitchen.


The builder had been kicked off campus for being drunk on the building site, but then moved into Tommy’s kitchen and started “harassing” the girls in there. One student made a complaint, causing him to leave – but he then came back so security was called and the matter escalated.

Security was called to Tommy’s and then at around 3pm a police van arrived on campus. Students reported seeing a man being restrained by police “screaming and kicking” and being “shoved” into the van by a number of officers.


Grace Bilney, who made the initial complaint to security told The Tab about what happened: “He was sat on the end of our table with two pints in front of him on the phone.

“Then he started talking about how much ‘pussy’ there was on campus. He hung up and then started chatting up a bar staff member who said she had a boyfriend.

“He called his mate again and called her a slut. Then he disappeared and brought back another man who seemed uncomfortable when he was saying “look I told you how much pussy there is”.

“The man then made him leave which is when I made the complaint.”

She added: “The SU handled it well but made it sound like there was little they could do. Later, three security members kicked him out and he seemed very angry and a bit aggressive.

“The man was then arrested and taken away in a police van.”

In a statement, the Police said: “Surrey Police officers attended the Royal Holloway Student Union, Egham at around 2.15pm today (7 October) after reports of a male acting aggressively to staff members and students.

“The male was detained and taken to custody following allegations of public order offences.”