When Crosslands delivered pizza

Delivery to Founders please

We all go into Crosslands for a pint, and with enough pints in, start buying Crossland’s pizza. But does anyone remember the days when Crosslands sold pizza under the brand Quadro’s Pizza? Those were the days, made even better purely because you could also order a side of potato wedges every night of the week then.

Was there anything better than calling Crosslands, ordering a pepperoni pizza, and having it delivered to your room in Founders East 2nd floor? Or better yet, ordering a pizza to be delivered to your student house in Englefield Green in a little Quadro’s Fiat?

Sadly Crosslands ended the service, and god knows what happened to the car. They clearly couldn’t compete with the much cheaper Domino’s, and no special deals were ever available. No wonder it failed. But for those of us old enough to remember, the pizza counter at Crosslands will always be remembered fondly as Quadro’s. The current freshers think that they’ve experienced all that Roho has to offer, but they will never know what they missed out on. It’s time to bring back Quadro’s.

They even had their own fiat.