We asked internationals what they hate most about the UK

It was mostly the weather

The United Kingdom is amazing. An American wrote a whole Facebook post about it. But what about the bad stuff? What do people hate the most? The Tab investigates.

Chase Stuart, third year Management, The United States

 “I hate that the food is so bland.”

Gabriela Gallegos Mendoza, second year Politics, International Relations and Philosophy, Mexico

“British Sarcasm man, really gets to me… it’s not funny. It’s not constructive. It’s just British people moaning about everything.”

Theo Larue, first year History, France

“The weather.”

Marina Lee, first year Economics, Hong Kong

“I hate the food. It’s horrible.”

Greg Wasilewski, fourth year MSc Biological Sciences, Poland

“I hate all the immigrants that come to the UK and steal our jobs.”

Masooma Noori, second year English, Pakistan

“The weather.”

Yuki Taira, second year Criminology and Sociology, Japan

“Public Transport. Expensive and unreliable and loads of strikes. You can’t really rely on it.”

Sophia Zhang, MA International Television Industries, China

“The weather. It’s too cold here for me. Oh! and the food.”