Caravanners are the happiest people in Britain and here’s why

It’s better than a beach holiday abroad

If you’re feeling a little glum this summer, it’s probably because you haven’t gone on a caravan holiday.

At least, that’s what the Caravan Club reckon: a survey of their members found caravanners are more likely to feel happy and satisfied with life – and less anxious – than the rest of the British population.

To put this to the test, we ditched the traditional summer holiday to Shagaluf and booked ourselves a week in a static caravan in Dorset. Here’s what we learned…

Can a week in a caravan really make us happier?

Can a week in a caravan really make us happier?

Caravan holidays are cheaper

Nobody our age has bags of cash hanging around to book a five star holiday somewhere sunny for a couple of weeks, and if you’re particularly cash-strapped a caravan holiday is a great idea. For five nights we only paid £60 each, and it could have been even less if there were more of us.

Cheap accommodation and low travel costs, plus whatever you spend on food and fun, make for a cheap holiday. No wonder caravanners are so happy: plus, researchers from Rotterdam’s Erasmus University found several mini vacations can boost happiness more than one long one.

Caravan parks are in incredible locations

Our park in Dorset was less than a minute from the beach: what more could you want? You’re only going to get that abroad if you’ve spent hundreds of pounds or sleep outside overnight. Sure, you may not always get lucky with the weather but most caravan parks are near lots of things to do. Within walking distance we had Monkey World, pubs, shopping, an aquarium and bingo.

Of course none of those attractions beat the great outdoors. Nick Lomas, director general of the Caravan Club said: “We’ve always known enjoying the great outdoors can make you happier and now we have the stats to back it up.”

Not bad

No annoying flights/long journeys

Fed up of spending hours of your holiday travelling? Caravanning means you don’t have to waste time getting to the airport hours earlier than needed or finding transfers once you’ve landed. Instead you can get up and go at a moment’s notice.

Musician and caravanner Rowland Rivron said: “I would definitely say I was a happy chap. It’s something about knowing you can just go wherever and whenever it takes your fancy. Everything, bar throwing a few clothes in the bag, is ready to go.  It’s knowing we have that potential for being outside, free from constraints of a package holiday, at any time, and at very little cost.”

Much better than waiting to board an Easyjet flight

Much better than waiting to board an Easyjet flight

Caravans have kitchens

As everyone who lives in self-catered halls at uni will know, being able to cook food if and when you want it is amazing. Having a kitchen on holiday is the same, and there’s no having to stick to hotel buffet schedules or worrying about the one friend who’s a fussy eater.

Having your own fridge also means you’ve got the option to keep food and make a picnic lunch to take out each day, as well as keeping a stock of yummy ice creams and snacks for midnight feasts.

Our caravan was equipped with all the usual home comforts

Our caravan was equipped with all the usual home comforts

You get closer to nature than on any other holiday

Take a caravan to near the beach in England and the chance of being shat on by a seagull is very high. Don’t get annoyed though, it’s meant to be lucky remember? And if that’s not enough of a bonus you get to be woken up ay 6am every morning by baby seagulls in a nest near your caravan. Ah, nature.

Caravan parks provide quality entertainment

Free of charge, you can spend your nights in a caravan park sat in a bar being serenaded by performers who are receptionists by day and dodgy 80s tribute acts by night. Sure, the singing isn’t the best, but the drinks are cheap. As well as singing you can probably expect a quiz or even bingo: you’l be over the moon if you’re lucky enough to win a prize.

So hype

So hype

Caravanners really are a community

As the Caravan Club told us: “Caravanning provides a real sense of community which you don’t get with hotels or villas. At a caravan site, each person shares a passion – a love for the great outdoors. If nothing else, pitching up at a caravan site connects you with other nature lovers.”

Caravanning is fun

You may think the usual Med beach holiday has more to offer but don’t forget how brilliant our country is. Drinks in local pubs, walking along cliff-top coastal paths, shopping in vintage emporiums: all of these can be done on a caravanning holiday.

Even in a park with other caravans, you have enough space to not worry about making noise and annoying the neighbours, so you can stay up and get up as late as you want. Okay, if you want to go clubbing every night it probably won’t be for you, but there’s a reason people on caravan holidays are always so jolly.

A spokesperson for the Caravan Club said: “If you’re looking for quality time with friends and family, caravanning is the best type of holiday for you. You’re able to experience new places around the country, while keeping your home comforts close by.”