What your favourite walk around Notts says about you

Walking to Booze Busters for a crate doesn’t count x

Daily walks have been that one little bit of joy we’ve had since March 2020 but we’re now out of lockdown and it’s been amazing to be asked “pub?” instead of “walk around Wollaton?”.

Coming back to uni was great because there was a whole new set of routes you could take, however, they’ve been painfully constant this past year, and what was once met with excitement is now met with a groan and a “what else is there to do?”.

Daily walk choices have slowly morphed to become a personality trait and is quite telling of who you are. You either stick to what you know doing the same route every day, boring or reliable? Maybe you prefer finding new places each week because you’re creative and adventurous.

Wherever you chose to walk in Notts, we’re here to tell you exactly what it says about you.

Wollaton Hall and Deer Park

This is definitely the most obvious place to walk but it makes you anything but basic. If you choose here then you actually want your daily exercise, you’re not just going because you’re bored. It’s not the most convenient walk if you’re not a fresher living on campus, so going here shows you are decisive and put in the effort for a trip out.

You’re adventurous, whether that’s searching for deer or being brave enough to have your Tinder first dates here as the park is so large that there’s no quick escapes if it’s not going well.

The Arboretum

If this is your lockdown walk,  you’re the chilled one of your group. You don’t mind doing a few rounds of the same loop and are just happy to get out of the house.

You might even be a bit of a history buff and enjoy the educational side of the Arboretum but are satisfied with just wandering. This is Trent territory though, so you might be committing the ultimate sin and dating a rival.

Attenborough Nature Reserve

If you chose here then you’re probably in your final year and wanted to explore a bit more of Nottingham before you move away from the city. Plus, this is a great place to avoid every other student and their Tinder date in Wollaton.

You wanted to be adventurous but walking round here made you realise you know nothing about nature. You see David Attenborough as the nations grandfather and he’s one of your heroes. You’re a bit edgy and like to tell people you knew artists ‘before they were famous’, like how you were walking around the nature reserve before everyone else was, right?

University Park Campus

You miss in-person uni but you’re thankful the only walk you have to be doing now is the one from Hallward to Spar for your meal deal. You’re probably the mum of the group, rallying all your housemates to the library to revise.

Either that or you’re a fresher who doesn’t know anywhere else in Nottingham for a walk.

Perfect place to not walk and have a photoshoot instead x


You want to be seen and you know this is the best place for that to happen. You’re probably a wanna be BNOC who hangs around outside Sainsbury’s just to ‘bump into’ people you vaguely know. Hope everyone appreciates the new outfit you’ve got just for the walk.

But if Lenton is just genuinely your go-to place for your daily laps then please broaden your horizons a bit, at least go to campus where there’s some grass. Despite the minimal effort, walking around Lenton at the best of times is a bit dodgy so 10/10 for bravery if you do a long walk on the daily, especially if it’s in the dark.

The Park Estate

The Park Estate is a great way to leave Lenton without actually leaving Lenton. If this is your choice of lockdown walk, you’re a daydreamer and probably a bit nosey. It’s hard not to check out the houses and look up the prices on Zoopla.

You won’t admit it but you are a little sad walking into your own student house and seeing the overflowing bins and last week’s meals on the worktop afterwards. Who can blame you.

It is hard to believe you are still in Lenton

The Canal

Whilst the Canal is nice enough, this is probably the least creative walk on our list as it’s literally a straight line with some geese. However, you are extremely patient being able to avoid all those runners and cyclists without contemplating pushing someone into the water.

I guess if you wanted to spice it up you could just walk in the other direction?

Colwick Country Park

You’re gym obsessed and this lockdown has made you restless so if you’re going on a walk, you are doing it properly. You make use of your housemates’ car and entice them with a trip out.

You probably swim in the lake despite the sub-zero temperatures and tell your housemates “it’s all for the gains, bro”. You work hard and will achieve your goals in any way possible.

How clean actually is this water…

City Centre

You miss going out and shopping so walking around the City Centre and buying a coffee is the closest you can get to pre-pandemic life, once the daily deliveries just aren’t cutting it anymore.

This constant practice means you’re now well-prepared; you now know the fastest route to and between each shop and your determination to get to them all on the first day free is unmatched.

Lenton/Radford Rec

This one’s simple, you just want to get drunk in the park. Doing a lap around one of these to pick the perfect spot for a few tinnies that are more juice than alcohol does not count as a walk, sorry x

No more faking walks!

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