Here are the best places to take a lockdown stroll around Notts

Fancy a procrastination walk? We’ve got you covered

With the second lockdown underway there’s now a scarce amount of indoor activities we can do, besides getting plastered because who knows how to stop at one glass, and also not a whole lot of outdoor activities available to students either.

However, for all you aspiring walkers out there, here is a guide on relaxing walks in Nottingham, sure to take your mind off the pandemic and help you procrastinate for another hour or two.

Wollaton Park

Located near University Park Campus, Wollaton Park is a lovely green space to get away from the confines of your student house. With lots of different routes to choose from and plenty of deer to see, this is a cult favourite. If you haven’t been to Wollaton, do you even Notts?

The Canal

Great for a quick stroll, the canal side offers a close walk that, although slightly industrial, is perfect for an hour long loop.  Why not treat yourself for all your hard work with a takeaway coffee at one of the cafés by the train station? Great timing for that caffeine rush to hit just as you sit at your desk and binge watch Netflix with the title, and only the title, of your essay written on a word document on a minimized tab.

Attenborough Nature Reserve

A 15-minute drive away, if you have a car, or bike, this spot is a perfect getaway. Being blessed by Sir David Attenborough alone means it’s surely worth checking out. Comprised of a lake and different trails to choose from, it’s easy to spend a whole day here. All those times spent trying to impersonate the great man himself (surprisingly hard) have all boiled down to this one walk. It’s your time to shine.

The Park Estate

For those who don’t want to stray too far from home but want some fresh air and a change of scenery, a wander around The Park Estate to pick out which house you want when you’re a baller is always fun. There’s even a little green patch to stop and chill on the off chance we get some sun – in November, in the Midlands.

Victoria Embankment

Putting the canal side to shame, the Victoria embankment offers an escape to a green space that isn’t Wollaton. With War Memorial Gardens, it’s a lovely trip to pay respects, appreciate history and take in nature. Although it’s a 35-minute walk from Lenton, if you have the spare time, it’s a trip worthy of putting off that coursework for a few more hours.

Colwick Country Park

If you can convince your one housemate who was unfortunate enough to bring their car with them to uni to go on a trip, 20 minutes away from our beloved Derby Road lies Colwick Country Park. It offers a route around, you guessed it, yet another body of water. In addition to this, those lucky few who remembered to bring their wetsuits to uni with them (priorities), Colwick lake is calling your name.

Highfields Park Lake on campus

Finally, we mustn’t forget our roots. The boating lake on campus offers a cheeky 30-minute escape for those of you fortunate enough to have on-campus seminars. Happy walking!

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