Crisis, Lenton, and VKs: These are your last ‘normal’ Notts pics

Sweaty nights out, grim takeaways, boring lectures: we miss the old ‘normal’

At this point, uni life seems like a sweet but distant memory, adjusting to the ‘new’ normal and reminiscing on what normal life used to be like. Earlier this week, the BBC shared an array of ‘normal’ photos from before lockdown began – weddings, football games and school runs. We asked the students of Nottingham to send us the last photo they took before this all began, and this version is perhaps even more emotional.

Last photo from pre’s


That last Crisis before lockdown at an 80s themed American Football social. Turning up to Rock City looking like an absolute mess was without a doubt, a highlight of the week.

Last photo from halls


Last week in halls came a lot sooner than expected for most. Gutting to not have the end of year BBQ or drinks on the downs.

Last photo from a night out


Please don’t forget me Rock City. Wednesday’s aren’t the same without you.

Last photo from your uni house

@phoebepixie @elliegeorghiou

Saying goodbye to your housemates as they moved back home for lockdown. Utterly heart-breaking.


There’s nothing like chatting absolute shit in your rooms with your mates. Star projector glowing, chat spewing. Vibes are immaculate.

Last photo from Lenton

@frederickfearnley @elliegeorghiou

Risking your life by taking a late night stroll through the neighbourhood. Worth it for some state-of-the-art graffiti.


Making bets with your mates so they have to go to Rose & Crown in their dressing grown, could never be me.

Last photo with a VK 😭 (miss u)


Nothing like the sweet sensation of yeeting a VK from the Ocean balcony.

Last photo on campus


A walk outside Trent along the lakes on a sunny day was undoubtedly elite. The pesky ducks are not missed though.

Last photo from the library


Didn’t even go to the library when we were at uni but I still miss it.

Last photo from a house party


Nothing like the absolute carnage of a house party. The constant anticipation that the police could turn up at any moment always kept the atmosphere wild.

Last photo with your society

@UoNFC @paling18

Just wanna lust after football boys in BCL again.

Last photo falling asleep whilst working xoxo


If you’re not pulling an all nighter in order to get your essay done then you’re not doing it right.


CEO of being able to sleep anywhere.

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