Is it hot in here? Because Lenton’s Fittest Student Round One is fire

Feeling bad about yourself in lockdown? Prepare to feel even worse

Seeing as we are in unprecedented times it seems only fitting that there were an unprecedented amount of nominations for Lenton’s Fittest Student 2020.

There were nearly 600 nominations with a whopping seven of those for Joe Exotic. However, the decision was made to not include him in this article as to give the other contestants a chance. After 10 hours (and multiple bottles of wine) spent trawling through instagram we have narrowed it down to 20 contestants.

This is the first of four rounds so do not worry if you can’t see that hot guy you got with at Crisis you nominated in this round as there are still another three to come before the final.

The power is now all with you – the readers. Get voting and the top 2 contestants from each round will make it into the final before we crown Lenton’s Fittest Student 2020.

More pictures of the contestants can be found at The Tab Nottingham’s instagram!

Mia Sinclair, UoN, 2nd year Mechanical Engineering

Instagram: @miassinclair

Most embarrassing thing done on a night out?
Got with a Trent fresher at Pryzm when I was in second year. Not sure which is more embarrassing – the fact I was at Pryzm in second year or the Trent fresher

Who’s your idol?
Lenton’s Fittest Student 2019

Favourite quarantine activity?
Making TikToks (@miassinclair) and other forms of exercise 😉

Why should you win?
Will spice up the CV and get me mechanical engineering jobs with all the lads

Ike Omodu, UoN, 2nd year Law

Instagram: @01.ike

Best chat up line?
If Coronavirus doesn’t take you out, can I?

Favourite quarantine activity?
Waking up at 9am to procrastinate all day

What are you missing most about Notts?
I miss grappling in the DRSV dojo

Why should you win?
My mum said that I am the most handsome boy in the world 😊

Tash Keeley, UoN, 3rd year Geography

Instagram: @tash.keeley

Perfect date?
Probably horse riding so if they annoy me I can just ride away

Most embarrassing thing done on a night out?
I ripped a guys shirt off his body (I gave him a jumper to go home in the next day he wasn’t mad).

Who’s your idol?
Doja Cat.

Why should you win?
All my other summer plans got cancelled 🤪

Nico Ambrosio, UoN, 2nd year Geography

Instagram: @nicoxricci

Who’s your idol?
My idol has to be none other than my twin… Bretman Rock! Obviously.

Favourite quarantine activity?
My favourite quarantine activity has to be doing my home workouts! Have you not seen me in David Ross… obviously I need to keep up with my gains!

Why should you win?
I should win purely based on my brows

Mirela Novakovic, UoN, 3rd year Mechanical Engineering

Instagram: @mirelaa_n

Most embarrassing thing done on a night out? 
I once fell asleep in a maccies toilet

What are you missing the most about Notts during lockdown?
The maccies toilet – it was the best sleep of my life

Favourite meal deal?
Southern fried chicken wrap, peach ice tea and me – I’m the snack 😉

Why should you win?
So the person who nominated me hasn’t wasted their time