UoN have announced a ‘no academic disadvantage’ policy to all final year students

‘Your overall grades will not go down as a consequence of online exams and other changed assessments’

The University of Nottingham have announced that they will be implementing a ‘no academic disadvantage’ policy in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

This follows after a petition was circled asking for a ‘safety net’ policy to be introduced because students were concerned about the impact that Covid-19 is having on both their ability to study and the ability to access the resources needed to complete assessments to the best of their ability. The petition reached victory with 6,236 supporters.

The university have said that “no student will be academically disadvantaged by the unprecedented circumstances brought about by the coronavirus. Your final or year-end marks will not be negatively affected by online assessments.

“If you are a finalist graduating this year, your degree will be awarded either on the classification you have achieved in your work to date, or improved if you perform well in your final assessments.

“If you are a first or second year progressing to the next year of study in September, we have introduced special arrangements, which will continue throughout your studies, to ensure that your overall marks will not be negatively affected by online teaching and assessment.

“Some people have called this ‘no detriment’, ​others have called it ‘the safety net’. We prefer to call it ‘no academic disadvantage’ – but it amounts to the same thing. Your overall grades will not go down as a consequence of online exams and other changed assessments.”

The policy is similar to ones that have been implemented at both the University of Exeter and the University of Cardiff, among other institutions.

Professor Sarah O’Hara, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education and Student Experience, said:

“I recognise this is an incredibly difficult time for staff and students at the University of Nottingham and want to assure every student, particularly our finalists, that they will not be academically disadvantaged.

“The many actions we have delivered to support our student community have placed the utmost priority on their health and academic achievement.”