Hannah Dilena

Hannah Dilena
Nottingham University


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UoN have announced a ‘no academic disadvantage’ policy to all final year students

‘Your overall grades will not go down as a consequence of online exams and other changed assessments’

All summer graduation ceremonies to be postponed due to Coronavirus

All summer graduation ceremonies are being postponed with new dates still to be confirmed

How to find the perfect student house in Nottingham

Some things for you to consider

Lenton vs. Dunkirk vs. Beeston: battle of Notts student living areas

Which student living area is the best?

Trent throw ‘full support’ behind professor reported to police for telling students to vote

Professor Paechter was “astounded” by the “torrent of abuse” she received

People report Trent professor to the police for telling students to register to vote

She received an onslaught of negative replies

It’s official: Nottingham Uni is getting a rainbow road

There will be one installed on each campus

BREAKING: Nottingham tram network is down after a power failure

There has been a power failure across the network

BREAKING: Police seen searching students outside Crisis

They have sniffer dogs and everything

You can sign a petition to fight against Notts buses going up to £1.70 per fare

Who has that kind of cash on them?

The Nottingham Tab are recruiting – come and join us!

Our first meeting is Thursday 3rd October at Mooch!

Notts BNOC of the year 2019: The FINAL

Who will you crown the winner?

Notts BNOC of the Year 2019: Round Three

This is it, the final round

Notts BNOC of the Year 2019: Round Two

Something to put on your CV

Notts BNOC of the year 2019: Round One

Who will you vote for?

Nominations are now open for Notts BNOC of the Year 2019

Could you be crowned the next BNOC?

Somehow Nottingham is best rated for Agriculture in the UK

Apart from that, we’ve been pretty average this year

Six teenage girls admit to fatally attacking a student outside the Victoria Centre

It has taken a year for them to come forward

74-year-old woman dies in Urban Outfitters in Notts city centre

She fell from the first floor

University security and police apprehend bike thief outside Willoughby

One of them was chokeslammed

The SU candidate who wants you to vote for him because he cooked you pancakes

He’s giving out FREE pancakes

Find out the mystery behind Mystic Meg and her run for SU President

Students wellbeing and welfare is at the forefront of her campaign

Why are the trees outside the Trent building being felled?

In an aim to “restore these views so people can enjoy the park as it was originally intended”

There was a massive brawl in Notts City Centre last night

One lad was even being punched while on the floor

We spoke to the Notts student behind BaeBoxx: a monthly menstrual care package

“Bring periods into the 21st century”

Here’s the best of Notts Buy/Sell in Autumn 2018 to help you procrastinate even more than you already are

Everything you forgot you laughed at last semester

Student opens a new Facebook group, Nottingchums, to combat loneliness at uni

It’s more than just a great pun

The Notts Christmas lights are getting switched on tonight and it’s gonna be lit

Watch an elf switch them on!

Fireworks to blame for fire near Notts County stadium

The fire has now been put out

Staff at UoN have voted to support more strikes over pay

67 per cent of staff voted in support of further strikes

Uber drivers are striking for 24 hours in Notts today

Catch me on the 36N

The 10 Commandments every UoN student should follow

Take note freshers

These Notts students are starting a Men’s Rights Society, but women can join

‘Just like men can support women’s issues, we’d hope to see women supporting movements for men’s issues’

After the FloBo rape ‘joke’, UoN must protect its students, not just its reputation

Uni girls do not ‘<3 rape’

These are your favourite Nottingham club nights as starter packs

Guess what this one is

Unpopular opinion: Crisis is overrated and Tuned is actually a better night out

Cheaper drinks, cheaper entry, free jäger bomb and later entry. Do I need to continue?