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These are the things girls who play football want you to stop saying

Yes, I can kick a ball and I am female.

Any female footballer is aware of the what-seems-to-be unavoidable stereotypes which come with playing the sport. From the offside rule to heading the ball to the categorization what comes with it. It seems by being a girl who plays football we have to endure some evident hardships.

So you don’t distress us athletes anymore, here is a comprehensive list of things that us girl footballers would really, really like you to stop saying:

Do you say man-on or woman-on?

Do you really think in the midst of a fast flowing game of football we have time to say 'woman-on' every time somebody gets the ball in the range of an opposing player?

"A boy once cried when I tackled him just cause I was a girl" – Tegan, 18

"A boy claimed I broke his toe when I tackled him and refused to play" – Liv, 19

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3-0 against DMU 1s

Do girls even header the ball?

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My cute concussion during a match against UEA in Norwich

Of course girls can head the ball.. or other people's elbows for that matter… how do you think I ended up like this!

Do girls know the offside rule?

This is one of the most frustrating questions to be asked as a female footballer. The answer is yes – it is when the ball goes off the side of the pitch for a throw so the linesman has to put his flag up…Of course I know the offside rule.

"This is the one thing that is assumed of from girl footballers. It seems that a woman's brain can't figure out when an attacker is in front" – Clara, 22

"Are girls even fast?"

Saying that girls can't run fast is arguably irrelevant. Of course, being fast is useful in football at times undeniably – but it is clearly not compulsory therefore making this comment rather irrelevant.

"I mean have you not seen Mertesacker? 27 pace on FIFA says something at least" – Rachel, 22

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Getting called a lesbian

Every girl who plays football, has more than certainly heard this one. Just because a female is sporty does not mean it puts others in a position to assume their sexuality.

"I may wear shorts and high socks in the game, but I still wear my skirts" – Sophie, 20

Have male or female referees?

Also irrelevant. Both are more than capable of refereeing a match regardless of the gender they are officiating otherwise they would not have the necessary qualifications.

"I have never seen a female referee give out 3 yellow cards to one player…" – Danielle, 18

Chesting the ball

Despite popular belief I can confirm we can in fact use our chests to control the ball and, to save the next question, we can also run perfectly fine due to the apparently unheard of invention of sports bras.

"No, it does not hurt when we chest the ball" – Miki, 19

"Is girls football even football?"

Judging it is called football I would say yes. Just because a different gender plays the game does not change the sport which they are playing so dramatically. There are so many stereotypes surrounding women playing all sport, especially football that seem to be impossible to shake.