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Trent student gets prank call saying he’s been kicked out of uni and emails his tutor ‘crying’

He called it a reality check

A 19-year-old Nottingham Trent student, Dan, had got a call from his university saying he'd been kicked out due to lack of attendance in his classes.

Daniel Barron, a first year student studying at Trent, had emailed his tutor pleading he not be expelled, saying the call "has really stressed me out", and resolving that he would "try my hardest to scan the barcodes" in future.

This turned out to a prank call from one of his mates, which ensued in a lengthy email sent to his tutor followed by him almost breaking down in tears.

The emails Daniel sent to his tutor read can be seen below:

"Hi Ann,

"I have just had a call from NTU asking to confirm my withdrawal from the course. I have received no emails but my attendance is extremely dissappointing however I am getting the results from each exam and coursework I have taken. I will never ever scan the barcode for a lecture as I believed my attendance does not matter as long as I stay on top of things for me personally.

"Due to this I am going to make sure I attend everything and try my hardest to scan the barcodes.

"This phone call has really stressed me out and I am no longer on the registers at NTU and got told to contact the course leader. Just emailing for advice as they said I'm not up to the standards of NTU but I believe this is unfair to withdraw me from the registers and ask me to confirm by withdrawal without any warning.

"Thanks, Dan"

This was the email he sent after realising his eventual fuck up:

"Really embarassing Ann,

"It was my friend prank calling me sorry about that."

Reality check through going to improve attendance haha"Daniel received around 30k likes and 5k retweets on a tweet after exposing embarrassing emails sent to his tutor, begging to remain a student at NTU.

Ironically, the emails sent admitted to low attendance of lectures, and caused the student to incriminate himself if anything. When the student discovered that he'd been bamboozled, he recontacted his tutor, saying "reality check though going to improve my attendance haha" – being that calm after a major fuck-up truly is the Trent way.

The drama doesn't end here though. Dan was actually invited to appear on Capital FM to talk about his predicament, but this gave him an idea. He decided to get revenge on his friend, Jemima, by getting his mate to prank call her, by telling her she was going to be a guest on Good Morning Britain.