Here are the winners of the Students’ Union elections

They’ll leave you alone now

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Love them or hate them it’s been really hard to miss the SU candidates lobbying around campus this week. It has been brutal for all those involved as they’ve all been under intense scrutiny.

Despite this voting numbers totaled 7914, meaning only 23% of students voted. This number is down almost a thousand votes on last year, adding to thoughts that a lot of people just aren’t interested in the SU.

Although the School of Geography deserves a shout out as 45% of them cast their vote.

This evening our new SU officers were officially announced – all the results are below with a selected officer-elect’s manifesto highlight too.

Here’s who the Union will be paying to make all your decisions from July.


Alan Holey, President Elect

Studies: Geography

Highlight manifesto aims: increase awareness of services available and ensure future direction is effectively communicated to students

Other aims: continue the SU legacy, improving the SU, Student Services and inclusivity at UoN

Campaign video


Adam Pratchett, Sports Officer

Studies: International Relations

Highlight manifesto aim: Provide mental health training for all Captains and Coaches and lobby to increase investment in Mental Health Services


Ellie Mitchell, Community Officer

Studies: English

Highlight manifesto aim: Restrict how far in advance clubs such as Ocean and Crisis can sell tickets and develop a housemate finding app based on similar interests and hobbies, which can also be used to fill house spaces during semesters abroad.


Cassie O’Boyle, Education Officer

Highlight manifesto aim: Increase visibility of the Education Network on the Student Union Website and celebrate the hard-work of those involved, through an annual Education Network Awards and emphasise the career skills gained through engagement


Laura Bealin-KellyEqual Opportunities and Welfare Officer 

Studies: International Social Policy

Highlight manifesto aim: Prior to arrival, give every new student a Welcome pack explaining the welfare support available throughout their degree and introduce a “Support” tab on the SU website


Martin Nguyen, Activities Officer 

Highlight manifesto aim: Organise SU-ran events during January’s Refreshers to re-engage students and get them more involved with the union and create for a personal society/sport event calender app, unique to each student based on their society memberships and student groups


Yolanda King, Postgraduate Officer

Studies: Criminology

Highlight manifesto aim: Introduce a Postgraduate Engage and IMS coordinator – for University Park, Jubilee and Sutton Bonington and support clubs and societies to actively recruit PG reps and encourage new membership throughout the year


Florence and Adreanna, Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer 

Highlight manifesto aim: Strengthen the BME network by building solid relationships with all BME societies and reinstating a democratically elected BME Network committee.


Chris Smith, LGBT+ Officer 

Studies:  English Literature with Creative Writing

Highlight manifesto aim: Hosting public Network meetings that are open to every student, helping us to foster communication and to hear every voice head on, rather than from behind a computer screen. Our Network is a place for progression, safety, solidarity and democracy, and this addition will help us remain as such.


Hemanth and Loren, International Student Officers 

Study: Economic/International Media and Communication Studies

Highlight manifesto aim: Create a social and friendly space for internationals and home students to dine on familiar or foreign foods (including Halal and Kosher), build a sense of community by collaborating with Global Buddies, university societies, sports teams, staff, and local businesses


Alice Armstrong and Eden Smith, Disabled Students’ Officers 

Highlight manifesto aim: Develop the new committee and its roles. We want to ensure that the first full year of the Network’s committee has a stable structure to facilitate the growth of the Students with Disabilities Network (SwDN).


Ruby Harrison, Women’s Officer

Studies: Medicine

Highlight manifesto aim: work with the Disabled Students’ Network, the LGBT Network, the Postgraduate Student Network and the Black and Minority Ethnic Student Network to promote intersectionality within the Women’s* Network and throughout the university



Adele Purdy, Mature Students’ Officer

Studies: Architectural Environment Engineering

Highlight manifesto aim: Investigate and understand the reasons behind higher drop out rates among mature students and, where possible, make improvements to university provided support in order to address these problems.


And finally its all over for another year. You can read the officers full manifestos here if you still can’t get enough.