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Lauren Kenworthy
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Crisis tickets sold out literally immediately


Just a list of all the events happening in Nottingham that you probably can’t go to, because exams ruin lives

Cruel, cruel world

The sweetest places to procrastin-eat in Nottingham during exams

Exams are a piece of cake really

Ed Sheeran and Rag’n’Bone Man went to Hooters in Nottingham on Tuesday

Who even goes to Hooters? Ed Sheeran, that’s who.

Nottingham rises three places in University league tables

Putting us back in the Top 20 for the first time since 2013

If you don’t own these things are you even at Nottingham?

Daddy’s credit card is optional, although preferable

The SU cancels Karnival RAG Raids after a failure to ‘safeguard’ students

The decision is a direct response to complaints made last November

Best of Buy/Sell Election Week

Dw its not all about the elections

Community officer hopeful said he would refuse to go to an LGBT+ event because it’s against his religious beliefs

Sami said he was happy to work with LGBT+ people professionally but not personally

Prince Andrew is coming to Nottingham to officially open George Green

Its FINALLY done

Meet the SU Candidates: Education

Let us educate you

Meet the SU Candidates: Community

Because literally no one reads the manifestos

Tickets for the Cock-Soc Ball go on sale this weekend

Its called The Chronicles of Cock-Soc

Three fire alarms went off in an exam in the space of an hour

They only got 20 minutes extra time

Lecturer issues ‘trigger warning’ for third year module

Sexual violence, torture and drug use are all quoted as potential triggers

Exclusive: Rhodes Must Fall call out Joshua Nott as ‘an opportunist at best’

He’s just accepted the 40k scholarship, even though he’d campaigned against Rhodes

Rhodes Must Fall activist accepts £40,000-a-year scholarship – in Rhodes’ name

The scholarship is offered to ‘young people of enormous ability’

Join the petition to get a slide in George Green

Still less pointless than the chess set

Nottingham student starts a petition to get a Greggs on campus

Please no more Starbucks

All the things distinctly less annoying than Eduroam


Best of Buy/Sell this week: Desperation edition

‘Why can’t girls trust me??’

A Nottingham student has written a song he calls ‘The ultimate pre drink anthem’

‘Slap your lecturer in the face if you’re going out tonight’

There have been over 900 complaints about students around Lenton this year

That’s almost three times as many as last year

Best of Nottingham Buy/Sell this week

Someone found a phone in a freezer in Lidl

Police looking for a man in connection with stolen laptops on Campus

He entered rooms and stole laptops on several occasions in October

The website crashed after Crisis released their Halloween tickets

Tickets will be back on sale at 4pm

Who was the best dressed in Freshers’ Week?

Did you make the list?

20 inspirational women from Norwich

They’re putting us on the map

Oceana Nottingham is the sixth worst club in the UK

It’s even worse than Forum

Man spotted spying on students’ windows with telescope in Lenton

One student says he caught him looking at girls

It’s official: Forum is the worst club in Nottingham

No one’s surprised

Our department won’t remove the pass list despite our anxiety concerns

The Psychology Department say it’s part of the thrill of results

It all kicked off in the crowd at Ice Hockey Varsity

Fights on the ice and in the stands

BREAKING NEWS: Smoke from factory fire covers Lenton

A large fire has broken out at a factory on Faraday Road.

Yik Yak’s advice on how to win the SU elections

‘Who the hell cares’

Two men arrested for series of Lenton robberies

They were armed with a knife

Nottingham uni WiFi and Turnitin down after nationwide cyber attack

Didn’t wanna hand that essay in anyway

Blocks of cheese, badmans and terrible puns: The best of Buy/Sell (Notts uni)

All of the likes

What type of Hallward goer are you?

Minus the ones you like

Ticketed nights are the worst thing about going out in Nottingham

Why can’t we be more spontaneous?

Falling in love with your housemate is the worst thing you could do

Don’t shit where you eat

Sex in second and third year is way better and so much easier to get

Get your freak on

How much do you spend on food? Notts vs. Trent

Nom nom nom

Notts English fresher crowned Miss England 2015

And she got more than 40 per cent this year

Why are there so many stupid people at university?

Let the right one in

Which hall is the poshest?

It’s not Rutland