More police patrols in Lenton after multiple muggings last week

There were three incidents in one night

Following a string of muggings in Lenton last week, police have been increasing their presence around the student area on foot, and in cars.

There were multiple reports last week with incidents on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd February, both around 21:45.

Then, on Friday 24th February at around 00:30, three similar incidents occurred across Lenton within the space of 15 minutes.

The incident on Tuesday is thought to have involved two white men in their late teens to early twenties. They threatened their victim before stealing his iPhone 6s and some cash, on Castle Boulevard. He was uninjured, and the thieves ran off towards Castle Marina. One of them was wearing a blue hoodie.

Wednesday’s incident again involved two men, both described as white aged 20s to 30s. The first man was wearing jeans, trainers and a grey hoodie and the other tracksuit bottoms and a dark hoodie. They approached a man on Douglas Road, threatened him and demanded his phone. He was able to escaped unharmed.

Friday night saw a string of similar events with the first at 00:30 on Lenton Boulevard.

A man reported that he had been chased along Lenton Boulevard by three other men. All three were described as in their 20’s, wearing grey or dark coloured hoodies and tracksuits with the hood up, one had a dark coat on. The first was white, heavy build, with black hair and a black beard. Another is described as Asian, tall, also with a black beard.

Around five minutes later, on Church Street, another man was approached by three men who tried to punch him and take his phone, after stopping him to ask the time. He managed to dodge the attack and run off.

One of the men was again described as white, mid 20s, tall and wearing a dark coat and tracksuit bottoms. Another described as Asian wearing his hood up.

Finally, another robbery took place on Castle Boulevard at around 00:45, where a victim had his phone and bank card stolen by a group of men, one of which had a knife in his waistband.

Descriptions of the men state that the guy with the knife was white, tall, mid 20s and wearing dark puffer jacket with the hood up, jeans and trainers. There were three other men with him, all described as a similar age and height. Again, the victim was left unharmed.

It’s not confirmed that any of the victims were students but in such a student populated area, officers are warning people to be vigilant.

A spokesperson from the Nottinghamshire Police department has said: “Please be reassured that the Canning beat team are out on patrol doing our best to keep you safe. We will be out in Dunkirk and Lenton on foot, cycle and mobile patrols trying to arrest the people responsible.”

Police believe that the incidents could be linked and are urging anyone to get in touch with any information.

You can contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.