There are asbestos warnings after the Lenton factory fire

Emergency services are telling students to stay indoors

Lenton was set ablaze again today, as in scenes reminiscent of the Great Jubilee Fire of 2014, a factory on nearby Faraday Road went up in smoke.

The fire began at around 12:15pm with Nottinghamshire emergency services quick to react, but only gaining control over the fire an hour and thirty-five minutes later.

Smoke continues to mount from the scene; as residents of Faraday Road remain evacuated from their homes, and others who live nearby are told to keep all windows and doors closed. Most alarmingly, the factory is suspected to have been used by a roofing company, and there is a risk of asbestos in the surrounding area. The factory backs on to student houses right next to their conservatories.

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Fire Department said: “The advice remains to stay inside, keep windows and doors closed and don’t come outside unless you really have to”.

“Asbestos risk wise there has been some people evacuated locally just for their safety, and that is being managed locally.”

A view from a house directly next to the fire

The Tab spoke to several residents of Faraday Road to gather reactions to the distressing day.

Izzy, a second year English and History of Art student, told us: “We realised there was a fire when we saw smoke outside of my housemate’s window. We went onto the street to investigate, and it was a lot worse than we expected. We contemplated immediately leaving, but we also wanted good Snapchat pics”.

“Soon firemen came around and knocked on everyone’s doors to make sure nobody was left inside. Our whole street was evacuated and we haven’t been told when we can go back.”

In the midst of coursework deadlines and looming exams, the fire could not have struck at a more inconvenient time. Fellow Faraday resident Ethan, a second year Mechanical Engineering student, said: “I am actually fucked. My coursework was already overdue and I needed to get it done today. This has massively delayed me, but hopefully now I have a legitimate case for extenuating circumstances”.

This story is still developing and there is no confirmed word yet on what caused the fire. The Tab will update with more information as and when we get it.