Beth McHugh
Beth McHugh
Nottingham Editor of The Tab

Politics and American Studies student @ UoN

An interview with Lilian Greenwood, your Nottingham South Labour MP

‘What we have seen in the past seven years is young people be put at the bottom of the pile by the Tory government’

Nine teams of Nottingham students are walking 50 miles to Ocean for Comic Relief

Each team will start in a different location and has 24 hours to get back on foot

Meet Yolanda King: the candidate running for a third time for an SU position

She’s also a table tennis sports scholar

There’s literally a giant inflatable obstacle course for adults coming to Nottingham

The event will also sell alcohol

Nottingham ranks 2nd for student allegations of sexual harassment against members of staff

A new report says sexual harassment at our universities has reached ‘epidemic levels’

Nottingham ranks in the world’s top 50 student cities

It’s better than Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds and Bristol

Nottingham students paid over £285,000 in library fines over the past three years

Do we not pay enough already?

EXCLUSIVE: Company behind CRISIS to run 7 Legged Bar Crawl after being dropped by the SU

Carpe Noctum will continue to run the event for charity

There’s going to be a UoN vs. Trent EATING COMPETITION

Forget Varsity, this is a battle that matters

Nottingham Gin Club to open next month

This is the news the people want

Meet Rebecca De Beukelaer, the face behind Nottingham’s Buy/Sell page

A Buy/Sell app is coming soon

There’s a chance it could snow in Nottingham this week

The Met Office has issued a warning across all of Nottinghamshire

Nottingham’s nightlife is great, but it’s ruined by the ticket stress

It’s not normal to plan for nights out nine months in advance

Nottingham is one of the most right-swiped unis on Tinder

We’re a good looking lot

Pete Lendon is Nottingham’s 2016 BNOC of the year… and the entire country

‘Literally from birth my life was just a joke’

BNOC of the Year 2016: The final round

Forget the EU Referendum, this is the most important vote you’ll cast this year

Meet the two third years who run Crisis

They also created the Robin Hood 7s event

BNOC of the Year 2016: Round Five

Let’s do this one last time

BNOC of the Year 2016: Round Four

I promise we’re nearly done (kinda)

Nottingham will officially hold a referendum over NUS affiliation

Students will decide whether to leave or stay

BNOC of the Year 2016: Round Three

You know the drill