Eight students are walking 50 miles to party in Ocean in under 24 hours for charity

They expect half of them to fail and get lost

Eight Ocean lovers will be walking 50 miles to end up at their favourite club tonight for charity.

They’re walking the distance to raise £1,000 for Sport Relief, and all in under 24 hours.

The biennial charity event Sports Relief  encourages walk, run, swim or cycle at over a thousand locations across the UK. Eight students from University Radio Nottingham are going to be doing just that.

This Friday they are walking from Birmingham, Stoke, Sheffield and Peterborough to Nottingham in under 24 hours for Sports Relief. That’s 50 miles back to Nottingham from each city.

Six of the eight charitable nutters. From left to right, Jordan Perkins, James Rinsler, Sam Boevey, Ollie Samuels, Matt Manley and Nick Sutton Smith.

James Perkins – Radio DJ and leader of the charitable crew – came up with the idea last year. I asked him what preparation he had done for this epic trek. “No preparation what so ever… actually I have been getting the 36 instead of the 34 so I have to do a bit more walking onto campus.”

“The biggest problems is getting lost and our phones dying. I expect two out of four teams (each team of two coming from a different city) to fail. There is an emergency car on standby.

“We have planned for of 17 hours walking if we maintain a constant speed and have seven hours of sleep.”

It is not just a charitable challenge though. Which ever team makes it to the finish line in Portland Building in the URN studios after the 50 mile challenge gets free tickets to Ocean that evening.

The teams are James Perkins and Jordan Rinsler racing from Birmingham, Matt Manley and Ollie Samuels who race from Sheffield, Gabby Morris and Sam Boevey from Peterborough, and Nick Clay and Nick Sutton Smith coming in from Stoke.

“It’s eight students walking 50 miles to go to Andy Hoe’s nightclub basically. And it’s for charity.”

You can donate on the group’s fundraising page whilst they are on their walkathon and choose challenges for the teams to do. They have a donation target of £1,000 and have raised just over half of that already.

Will they triumph over the obscene distant? Will they make it back for a well deserved dip in Ocean? Or will they get lost and end up in Leicester? Find out this Friday and donate here.