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Joseph Archer
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Trent student gets criminal record for headbutting a queue jumper outside Ocean

Apparently he’s a model student set to achieve a high 2:1

UoN to spend £500,000 a year on cafe in new sports centre

Who needs more language staff when you can have a fancy-ass cafe?

Win a Ski Trip this Christmas with the Snowsports Society

One of many free prizes that can be won with University Radio Nottingham this year

There’s been a fire at the Exchange Building in centre of Nottingham

Three fire engines were on scene with a full evacuation

Three people stabbed in Lenton this morning

The victims were two men aged 20 and 21, and a woman

You voted ‘Trump for PRES-ident’ as the best dressed 7 Legged Team

2,000 of you voted

Vote for the best 7-legged team of 2016

Congrats, you made it

Nottingham grad arrested for raping woman in Parliament

He was a committee member of the Conservatives Society who was suspended in 2015

There has been a bomb scare at Victoria Centre

The centre and surrounding buildings were evacuated

University of Nottingham lecturer wins Nobel Prize for Chemistry

He helped the development of machines that are a thousand times thinner than a strand of human hair

Corbyn has what it takes to be our next Prime Minister – it’s time to back him

Before the coup he was ahead of the Tories in the national polls

Nottingham nominated for ‘University of the Year’

Is this some kind of joke?

How to appear busy as an intern when you have nothing to do

Make full use of toilet breaks

Another large fire near Jubilee Campus today

Fire was right next to Unite Students Accommodations

Two Nottingham rowers in court for raping a girl and sending ‘trophy pictures’ on WhatsApp

Their group was called ‘The Gruesome Threesome’

Nazi golf balls, Swiss cheese and ‘one big love fest’: Trump’s visit to Scotland

We got harassed by secret servicemen for making a cup of tea

Inside Donald Trump’s glitzy Scottish golf resort

Every knife and fork has Trump’s name carved into it

1 in 5 students at the University of Nottingham want to leave the EU

There are many euro-sceptics among us

George Green Library flooded by torrential thunder storm

Another UoN building destroyed by the elements

How will Nottingham students vote in the EU referendum?

Should I stay or should I go

Nottingham has decided to stay in the NUS

It was a close call

Notts NUS Referendum results delayed over weekend after complaints

Results should be announced today

Andy Hoe is DJing Grad Ball

Finish uni just as you started, listening to Andy Hoe

Spaghetti models and sheep drawings: How the NUS spend your money on sabb training

It’s not a mind map, it’s a ‘flower of consultation’

We went to the premiere of ‘BREXIT: The Movie’

It was as silly as it sounds

Junior doctors are annoyed student medics didn’t strike with them

‘It effects them the most and not enough of them are here!’

Nottingham rises in the rankings for the first time in eight years

Trent dropped 10 places

The I in the Nottingham sign on campus has been stolen

I bet it was some first years

Man arrested outside Ocean for assault last night

It happened in the early hours of this morning

Why does everyone at Nottingham hate Nottingham?

A recent survey of students ranked us outside the top 30

Students with richer parents earn more than poorer ones studying at the same university

Even those with the same degrees could earn £8,000 more per annum

EU students generate £3.7 billion for the UK economy

‘Leaving the EU makes it more likely they’ll go elsewhere’

Psychology were asked to sit 60 credits of exams in just 27 hours

Luckily they moved one of them

Eight students are walking 50 miles to party in Ocean in under 24 hours for charity

They expect half of them to fail and get lost

Is the SU President the most pointless student on campus?

We’re paying them £18,000 to have no actual power and change nothing year on year

There’s going to be a protest over staff cuts during tomorrow’s open day

A dozen languages staff to be lost and threaten student support and teaching

We resurrected Ekho, that thing everyone used before Yik Yak

It’s back on the App Store

Port and Policy: A night of debauchery with the Conservative society

Someone said ‘feminism is the worst thing in society’

RIP Ekho, Yik Yak won out in the end

Your short existence will never be forgotten

Lenton is a shithole, but it is our shithole

It has the best of times, it has the worst of times