Housemates all shave their heads after one was diagnosed with cancer

They’ve already raised £2,000

A group of third year housemates have shaved their heads to show support for their friend who was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

The friends, from 153 Harlaxton Drive, are raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and have already received nearly £3,000 on their JustGiving page.

Head shave 1

One of the boys said: “We first became aware of testicular cancer after our housemate was diagnosed with it earlier this year.

“It started off as a solidarity. To make him feel more comfortable during the process.

Head shave 2

“We didn’t think of raising money initially, that just came organically. We saw it as a great opportunity to raise awareness for a brilliant cause.

“Cancer is a prominent issue in everyone’s lives so we were on board with any opportunity to advocate.

Head shave 3

“We’d like to extend our thanks to Macmillan Cancer Support for all the work they do concerning the social, emotional, medical and practical affects of cancer.

“Our thanks also goes out to Sharky’s Barbers for taking an interest in our fundraising and being involved in the process.

Head shave 4

“We appreciate any donations so far and we want to encourage people to donate, even if it is a little.

“Even though we have a target of £5,000 we’d love to surpass that and give as much as we can to a truly great cause.”

Head shave 5

Follow this link to the 153 Harlaxton boys’ JustGiving Page to donate.