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Rebecca Waterman
Nottingham University


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What to do if you have zero plans after university

Your family will not stop asking

No Tomorrow 2016 is still unconfirmed

Is No Tomorrow no more?

Two Notts third years are delivering roses around Lenton for Valentines Day


Derby Road burglar steals third year’s revision notes and laptop

Her purse, bank cards and memory stick were also taken

Second year reveals she’s the star of ‘Funny Nativity’ YouTube sensation

The video has over a million views

Exclusive sneak peak at the Notts Knights cheer calendar 2016

It’s a bit different from last year’s

Simsly the best: Your winner of the best 7 Legged costume

Woohoo they won

VOTE NOW: What’s the best 7 Legged costume this year?

So much painted cardboard

The Nottingham uni guide to fitting in at freshers

We have fun here

Lenton Boulevard is closed off after yet another car crash in Lenton

One car was flipped on its back

It’s the end for the Den as work begins on a new Portland hub

Bet you didn’t know the union even had a club

Notts football v homophobia tournament cancelled after transphobia claim

An anti-homophobia has been accused of discrimination

Legendary fresher lands cult status as ‘King of Disco’

‘I should be BNOC of the year’

Bee aware: Nottingham to be stung by wasp invasion

Buzz off

It’s finally time to ask, what is all the George Green hype about?

Don’t be fooled, it’s just another library

Tory and Labour face off as Notts Uni still undecided

Let’s get ready to rumble

There are people at uni with thousands of Instagram followers. Why?

‘I don’t like the word ‘famous’ – I prefer ‘well-known’’

The Tories are the most popular political party at half of the country’s best unis

How very middle class

John Moores hunk who bagged Lindsay Lohan stars in raunchy shoot with her

The model and LiLo are pictured together once more

Greens flop as Labour overtakes as most popular party among students

The grass isn’t so green any more

My mum found out I was taking drugs and it nearly destroyed our relationship

‘I saw the complete devastation, disappointment and fear in their eyes’

Magic in Batman’s garden as the Quidditch takes over Nottingham

The Nightmares had a bit of a mare

Two members of S Club 7 came to Oceana to sing Queen

It was just Jo and Bradley

Does anyone really care about the music on a night out?

Don’t pretend you’re any different

Derby Road is the most dangerous road to live on in Lenton

Albert Road and Trinity Avenue are the safest

Bungling uni staff lose fresher’s exam paper then invite her to resit

Some people want to watch the world burn

19-year-old left in life-threatening condition after falling from third floor window at QMC

He sustained severe injuries

Knights left cheerless after callous Lenton looting

£500 of charity money was stolen

Two girls left with fractured skull and broken jaw after horrific attack in city centre

Do you recognise these men?

VIP with Wealdstone Raider for Cavendish freshers after hilarious music video entry

The hawks are playing well