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Kyle O'Sullivan
Nottingham University


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Third years swim out and find missing drone in the middle of the lake

Some heroes don’t wear capes – just trunks

Second year loses £2,000 drone at the bottom of the campus lake

It was shot down by a bird

Notts student escapes death after doctors found a tumour in her brain

Half her head was cut open in surgery

Petition calls for spending cap in SU elections after Ismail win

Fresh oranges was a bit much

We scrutinised this year’s Presidential manifestos

Will they ever stop proposing a Lenton Hub?

Male professors at Notts earn nearly £7k more than women

It will take until 2050 to close the gender pay gap

Andy Hoe warns against fake Ocean tickets

There’s been a wave of forgeries

Broadgate fresher to become homeless for a week to raise money for charity

He’ll be without a phone or money

Asthma boy: The real story behind the medic’s attack at Crisis

‘His account had more holes than a block of Leerdammer cheese’

Uni Park set for new £17m teaching building

Apparently it will ‘transform’ our lives

Revealed: The unis where grads earn more than £70,000

They’re all finance jobs

NUS bans left-wing anti-racism campaigner for being too racist

Nick Lowles had the audacity to condemn Islamist extremism

Have you ever had your drink spiked in a club?

A Loughborough student was recently left paralysed

Revealed: How much each uni is paying for their drugs

Sheffield are paying a bomb for mandy

Jeremy Corbyn visits Jubilee Campus for Labour party rally

He also had a selfie with a statue

Third year’s laptop and dissertation stolen after burglars broke into her house

They stole games consoles, a TV, a phone and even her purse

Hundreds of Notts students are offering themselves as ‘sugar babies’ to rich older men

Nottingham is the third largest ‘sugar baby’ uni in the UK

Two people were hit by a bus outside Victoria Centre this morning

Three ambulances and three police cars were at the scene

Man gets stuck under tram after being hit in city centre

He’s getting back on track in hospital

The Varsity Darts drinking game

You’ll be three darts to the wind after this

Second year wakes up in Barcelona after night out at Trent SU

It was a Messi night

Through the looking glass: The truth about Notts ‘Casanova’ Nick Bradbury

But what of the man?

We spoke to Notts’ darts team ahead of Varsity Darts 2016

Booze, banter and flying benches

Economists forced to sit in silence after being given last year’s exam paper

It took 45 minutes to print the correct exam

Nottingham is the most sexually active uni city in the country

We’re getting paid and getting laid

Oceangoers fined £50 for leaving plastic bottles on the floor

The police take a dip into your bank accounts

Housemates all shave their heads after one was diagnosed with cancer

They’ve already raised £2,000

Nottingham’s Fittest Fresher: The Results

Find out who you voted the winner by seven votes

Notts uni has spent nearly £20k on Christmas trees in the last three years

Pretty rein-dear

Hockey team strip off for a second time to shake homophobia out of sport

This year’s calendar is extra saucy

Nottingham is the drug dealing capital of England

We’re high on the list

Second year catfishes Durham students who added him to their group presentation chat

They still invited him to take part

Nottingham third years survive massacre in Paris theatre

‘I thought it was the end’

‘I’m really lucky to be honest’: We spoke to a Nottingham student in Paris

She is safe and well

Derby Grove resident jailed for 26 years for setting his landlord on fire

It was in a row over rent

Geography is officially the poshest course in Nottingham

Clive Granger is very close to Cripps

Cripps is officially the poshest halls in Nottingham

Well duh

Nottingham is the eighth drunkest city in the UK

Is anyone surprised?

Social sciences lectures are the best paid at Notts

And they have less contact hours

Nearly half of Nottingham girls have been sexually assaulted

Two thirds of you think lad culture is a problem at uni

IR third year accidentally sends her £300 camera to ASOS

She just wanted to return some clothes

Nottingham’s favourite sex position is cowgirl

The men of Notts are even lazy in the bedroom

We met the smartest Hooters girl in the world, who has a maths degree and wants to become a pilot

She used to live on Harlaxton

Third year’s quest to claim Ocean tickets inadvertently creates poetry slam

Andy ‘Edgar Allan’ Hoe defeated them all

Second years left homeless after tumble dryer fire destroys their kitchen

They might have to go back to Broadgate

Five people arrested following a stabbing in Lenton

Man taken to QMC with knife wound

You’ll spend over £13,000 in Notts this year

Loans can’t come soon enough

Notts boasts huge fall in burglaries

Robin Hood would be disappointed

Notts still top for job prospects

Employers can’t stop giving us jobs

It was mostly blokes: Do girls go out at this time of year?

Your weekly photobooth special

Boring Beeston is the most adulterous town in the UK with 941 affairs happening right now

Why do we all live in Lenton

Rowdy Lenton has a whopping 729 noise complaints

Is this a library

Our fat-cat vice-chancellor trousers £374,000 a year in salary and claims over £27,000 on first class flights

He also spent £6400 on ‘personal expenses’

Nottingham legend to compete in heated fry off contest

Great British Fry Off

Our Uni is spending your money telling everyone you drink too much

If you’re reading this you’re probably an alcoholic

Feminists blast 50 Shades ‘abuse’ joke in SU email gaffe

50 shades of not OK

Brazen Baywatch strippers invade lecture and told they’re not fit enough

Did they think they were in Ocean

Woman needs reconstructive surgery after Oceana assault

Another sick attack

Bin stealing war goes to new levels as Rolleston tormented by endless alarm

I can hear the sirens coming

Nottingham named most stressed-out city in Britain

Did you confess to stress?