J-Law is back but someone’s already pulled out of the SU election

But YOLO stays in

One of the presidential candidates, Sebastian Glen, has already withdrawn from this year’s SU election.

Last year’s contest also suffered from premature withdrawal, as three candidates dropped out before voting began.

Portland building

Voting opens on the 5th of March for just over a week, closing at 3pm on Friday the 13th. The badgering at Hallward, however, is expected to start much sooner.

Joke candidate Johnny Lawrence is on the ballot for the third time, but the official name on SU documents suggests that an imposter has inherited the joke candidate’s crown.

James Cordell is running under the J-Lawrence name, in an attempt to keep the noble tradition alive.

Who is Johnny Lawrence 2.0?

Who is Johnny Lawrence 2.0?

The presidents race is expected to be followed by literally tens of people as the candidates compete for the fleeciest job in student politics.

The full list of Presidential candidates is below:

Angharad Smith

Ben Malone

Ed Keevil

Johnny Lawrence

Marcos Luz

Nicole Ocansey

Sebastian Glen

Shusha Mahdy

Venu Katta

William Segrave