Who’s wrapped up in Hu Stu?

Battle of the layers

This week we left the warmth of our duvets to battle the cold and headed to HuStu to see how the freshers handle their fashion.

Where were you spotted?

We loved the oversized trend in Imogen’s Rag and Bone jacket. Subtly matching her trainers without overpowering the outfit.


Imogen Yates, 1st year Medicine

Naomi’s charity shop bargain of a scarf compliments the green tones of her jacket. Perfect find to wash away your winter blues.

Naomi Whites, 1st year Architecture

Naomi Whites, 2nd year Architecture

Chiagozie works her pale cream coat with her trusty beige boots, which neutralises the whole outfit perfectly.


Chiagozie Ezennia, 1st year Law

Christopher takes a turn on the tartan trend by combining it with his Jack Wills jacket. Simple but effective.


Christopher, 1st year Geography

The gorgeous desert boots from Clarkes keeps Khalil’s outfit classy and sophisticated.


Khalil Orrett. 1st year Law

Chloe’s tartan Topshop scarf caught our eye – the perfect way to brighten up any day.


Chloe Mattick, 1st year Geography

Kelly’s whole outfit just screamed grunge kid. Her Timberland boots contrast perfectly with her edgy jacket and pleather Blue Banana rucksack.


Kelly Waldorf, 1st year Criminology and Sociology

Laura’s Tesco loafers surprised us as she tied them in so well with her whole outfit. It doesn’t matter what you wear, it’s how you wear it.


Laura McNally, 1st year Geography

Hein’s Topshop bomber jacket is the best mix of warmth and style. You go girl.


Hein, 1st year Economics

Elliot’s Topman Christmas jumper just proves you can still pull of festive wear a month later.

Elliot Spindler, 1st year Politics

Elliot Spindler, 1st year Politics