OFFICIAL: Gatecrasher is Nottingham’s WORST Night Out

One in three students vote for Gatecrasher in The Tab’s poll

In the most surprising revelation since The Tab found out Page 3 models don’t think Page 3 should be banned, Gatecrasher has been officially voted Nottinhgam’s WORST nightclub.

They're having a great time...

They’re having a great time…

Gaining almost 1,000 votes from our poll, Hatecrasher are yet to respond to The Tab’s calls but are surely delighted that nearly one in three students think their club is shit.

Philosophy student Sia Raigal said she “wasn’t surprised” about Gatecrasher’s historic victory “since I’ve never had a good night there. The general layout is too confusing and don’t get me started on those stairs”.

Who wouldn't want to party with these reem lads?

Who wouldn’t want to party with these reem lads?

Third year George Thresh took similar affront to Gatecrasher’s Stairways to Hell, accurately claiming that “Gatecrasher is 99% stairs; an absolute effort of a club and about as inviting as the toilets in Clive Granger”.

Another student took a different tact, saying that they “don’t mind Gatecrasher, but since that miserable pecker decided to miss out Rock City and Oceana on his list, it’s probably the worst out there”.

at least it's a great place to celebrate you're special day

At least it’s a great place to celebrate your special day

Ocean narrowly beat Forum to second place with over 600 votes, while only 132 students believed Lacehouse to be the worst club in Nottingham – probably since no one has actually heard of it.

Final results: