Justin Guthrie
A 3rd year English student who spends an embarrassing percentage of his life searching for puns to throw into any and every sports article. Also occasionally pretends to know stuff about theatre and music.

VIDEO: Uni Cricket Club get ready for Varsity decider

Crunch match against Trent will decide gripping Varsity Series. Check out the incredible diving catch video below

Which England player is your uni?

Are you looking for irrational, sweeping generalisations? Are you trying to jump on the World Cup bandwagon? Well, you’ve come to the right place…

The uni gym is shit

Overpriced, overcrowded and under-equipped, the official UoN gym needs a major overhaul

From Uni of to Universe: ex-UoN student running for Miss Universe

Luissa Burton talks exclusively to The Tab about her hopes to represent Great Britain at this year’s Miss Universe

Notts student slams “appalling” teaching at Nottingham

Second-year student slates UoN in letter published in The Times

NUFC take on crossbar challenge

Ahead of football Varsity, the men’s football team team took on The Tab Nottingham Crossbar Challenge

Varsity: Hockey whitewash puts UoN in control

Double hockey victory puts Notts 7-5 up after contrasting fortunes for rugby and lacrosse

Amber Run at Nottingham Contemporary

Ex-UoN students may get green light for Amber run at chart success after golden show

Dan Croll at Bodega

Super slick Croll brings a slice of summer to Nottingham

CRISIS, free tequila and burritos

Now that we have your attention…

Varsity latest: UoN let two-point lead slip, unofficial victories restore pride

Back-to-back victories drag Poly back into contention

Notts Comic Con cock-up causes chaos

Huge sci-fi fest marred after more tickets sold than venue can hold

CRISIS photos of the week

Featuring nipples, boobs and phalluses

How to do gym properly

Put on some Christmas timber? Let The Tab show you how to fit in whilst getting fit

Varsity Basketball: “Anything Can Happen”

UoN B-ball Pres Aaron Brown wary of Trent threat, but confident Notts class will shine through

Half-arsed Varsity report

Apparently we lost?

Varsity: American football BACK ON…at Trent

UoN ‘unconcerned’ about battle on Trent terrain

Nottingham to host top international tennis tournament

Annual men’s ATP 250 tournament to start next summer

The Tab Playlist: Hangover

Three weeks since exams finished and the nights out are starting to take their toll

Rugby League Varsity: “The underdog tag doesn’t bother us”

We spoke to Nottingham’s Jack Beaman ahead of Friday’s Varsity showdown. Check out the epic promo video below

London Grammar at Rock City

Ex-Uni trio smash return to old stomping ground

The Tab Playlist: Toasty

It’s cold outside. Like, really fucking cold.

American football Varsity cancelled

Stadium claimed to be “unsafe” for spectators

UoN Skate Past Trent in Thriller on Ice

Late goal for pucky Uni provides icing on the cake

Varsity Ice Hockey: “Biggest Night of Uni Lives”

Mavericks President Reece Clarke expects another thriller on the ice

The Tab Playlist: Running

New Year, New You

Notts student allegedly sexually assaulted by DJ

Former student forced to escape from gig after Dave Lee Travis turned on her, a court has heard

OFFICIAL: Gatecrasher is Nottingham’s WORST Night Out

One in three students vote for Gatecrasher in The Tab’s poll

IMS Report: Penultimate Week

With the IMS winter season drawing to a close, The Tab Sports Team rounds up last weekend’s football results

VOTE NOW: Nottingham’s WORST Night Out

Where’s hot and where’s Nott?

IMS Round-Up: 9th-10th November

Devilishly attractive journalist-cum-defender shatters leg in brave battle against Grove Farm divot

Jimmy Eat World at Rock City

Jimmy Eat World devour crowd with classic pop-punk

IMS Round-Up: 19th-20th October

Later than a Ryan Shawcross leg-breaker, your absolutely pun-free IMS round-up is finally here

IMS Round-Up: Maiden Week

Back by unpopular demand…

Goo Goo Dolls at Rock City

Dolls bring the house down with classic 90s power ballads.

IMS Football Preview: Super Leagues and FA Referees

Black is the new, er, black


From the opening, unannounced bong that signals the start of the play, Headlong’s production of George Orwell’s dystopian world is an ethereal and jarring experience.

Varsity Football 2013: As It Happened

UoN limp to 2-0 loss

Women’s Football Take on Crossbar Challenge

With the men’s and women’s Varsity football coming up this week, the Tab Sports Team™ spoke to 1st XI captain Sinead King after her side took on the inaugural Nottingham Tab Crossbar Challenge…

Varsity Hockey: ‘Bring It On!’

Ollie Taylor and Jenny Bradley talk to the Tab about smashing Trent

IMS round-up: Shock leader in title chase

Flawed points system results in unfancied ‘No Game’ topping Saturday Division

IMS round-up: 16th/17th February

The sports team get poetic on the beautiful game…

IMS round-up: 10th/11th February

IMS football doesn’t stop and neither does your Tab Sports Team™

UoN Basketball: Trent ‘better be ready’

Varsity continues and it’s the turn of Basketball…

Big Clive on Campus

UoN grad Clive Tyldesley returns to campus to say some football pundits are as interesting as a rambling lecturer.

Football Star Kiri Talks to Tab

2nd XI Nottingham Uni Women’s Football Club player talks Olympics, socials and varsity

Waterlogged Pitches Rain on IMS Parade

Football dreams begin to circle the drain

Exclusive: Words With NUBC Vice-Pres

VP Beth Newton on going hard or going home

Hugo Sikuade

A few words from Hugo Sikuade on the previous season and the first XI’s chances this year in the first division