Summer Party Put On Ice

Say Goodbye to Summer Party…

According to their website, Summer Party had previously been described as the “Student Glastonbury”, attracting over 8,000 students every year with acts like Labrinth, Wheatus and even N-Dubz.

Yet it was revealed this evening that the day long festival has been cancelled this year, having lost £157,000 in just over three years, despite sponsors like Apple chipping in.

It was once run by students until 2011, when they lost around £70,000. However they were only able to keep losses down to £40,000 after last year when it was run in conjunction with Carpe Noctum.

The Union said they regretted the decision but the event had “run at a significant loss over the past three years, despite being enjoyed by those who attended, and having a great deal of student involvement from our Media groups and TEC.”

Due to “the current financial climate and other events scheduled for the same time,” they were unable to approve Summer Party for another year.

The news may be welcomed by many, who complained of extortionate ticket prices and below par line-ups. But come on, who wouldn’t pay £25 to see Dappy?!