Not that we need telling, but Norwich has ranked as one of the best nights out in the UK

It has also ranked as the third safest night out in the whole country

Norwich is one of the top cities for a night out in the whole of the UK, a new study finds.

Norwich may be small but boy do it’s students know how to party, and now that has been empirically proven.

In a study carried out by Get Licensed, eight factors were analysed including the number of bars, pubs and clubs per 100,000 people, percevied safety when walking home at night and the average price of a pint to establish once for all, which city in the UK has the best night out.

With all factors considered, Norwich ranked as the fifth best city in the whole of the UK for a night out, scoring a total of 6.81 out of 10. It also scored as the UK’s third safest city for a night out, scoring 8.61 when considering factors such as population and perceived fear of being robbed.

Taking the first-place crown for the best city in the entire country for a night out was York, scoring a whopping 7.67.

Brb, moving to York.

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