Meet the Norwich couple making £100k a month selling feminist clothing through TikTok

They embroider slogans like ‘sleigh the patriarchy’ onto clothes

A couple from Norwich are making £100k in sales a month, selling feminist clothing through their TikTok page.

20-year-old Magda Krakowiak and her fiancé Kevin Pike, 21, embroider feminist slogans on clothing including t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags.

Slogans include “Abortion is healthcare”, “Fairy lights and reproductive rights” and “Sleigh the patriarchy”.

The couple say they made £22k in just one day, after their business went viral on TikTok. Prices range from £20 to £38, and they embroider the slogans onto clothing they buy from a wholesaler.

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Magda said: “At first we were like any other start-up business, slowly building our customer base and increasing distribution. But we posted a video on our Lovera Clothing TikTok channel in August that went viral and, suddenly, we were receiving hundreds of orders a day.

“Last month we surpassed £100,000 sales in one month, all while managing to spend time with our children – which is the most important thing for us.”

They started the business, Lovera Clothing, in April 2021, after seeing a gap in the market for feminist clothing, and with a goal for making people feel empowered.

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In late August they posted a TikTok promoting their autumn collection, which gained over two million views. Between the start of August and mid-September they received around 1,500 orders, earning £101,032.95 in sales.

Magda said: “We were promoting our autumn collection – just like we had done for all our other seasonal ranges – and suddenly the likes started pouring in. We checked our shop’s TikTok channel and our post had gone viral overnight, amassing millions of views.

“It wasn’t long before our online orders went crazy and we had to work all through the night to meet demand. We couldn’t believe what was happening, but there was no time to stop and think – we had to take advantage of the coverage we were getting on social media. Since then, sales have been consistently high, and we’re earning more and more revenue every day.”

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