Norfolk Terrace fresher finds a man hiding in her closet

He said ‘gotcha’ and ran off

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A Norfolk Terrace fresher has been left shaken after finding a stranger hiding in her closet.

Dorothy Hislop was just having a normal night in with her friends at Norfolk Terrace when she got a nasty surprise.

As the History student was getting ready for bed she went to put some clothes in her cupboard – and found a strange man standing in there.


She said: “He was a quite short, little chubby man, about forty.

“He just looked at me, like, ‘Gotcha’ – that’s what he said, and then he just walked out.”

“He can’t have been waiting there long because when we were chilling before, I had stuff on my chair that I put in my cupboard.

“I left my room for like five minutes to go to the bathroom, so he must have come in then.”

Dorothy followed the man, who pushed past her flatmate Jacob as he ran out of the building.

To her credit, Dorothy remained calm throughout the whole thing: “I didn’t scream or do anything.

“I wasn’t in shock, I just thought it was so fucking weird.

“I wish I could’ve beaten him up, not gonna lie.”

Her flatmate, Jacob

Heroic flatmate Jacob

Her flatmates were all quite shocked, saying they didn’t think she was being serious.

When they finally realised she was telling the truth, her flatmate Tom called security – however, as Dorothy put it, he was being “a bit of a dickhead” and not taking the situation seriously.

After he left, someone called their student advisor who came down with better security.

By this point, the calm that she felt before had evaporated. She said: “I was obviously freaking out a little a bit.

“They got my flatmate Jacob to go in the security car and drive around campus looking for him.”

Unfortunately there was no result to their search.

Despite offers of sleeping in her flatmates’ rooms, Dorothy decided to sleep in her own – however just as she was getting ready for bed the second time that evening, the police arrived to “basically ask her all the same questions again.”

Her room is near the entrance to the flat with a front door which doesn’t always shut properly, which is how the intruder probably got into her flat and room without a key.

A recreation of events

Since then, they have tried to get maintenance down to fix their front door, but with little success.

We asked her what it was like being in her room since it’d happened. She said: “Every time I go into my room, I check my cupboard.

“Not because I’m scared, but just in case someone’s just doing it to be funny. I feel like I would do that to me.

“It felt weird at the time, because he completely invaded my personal space, but now I’m fine.”

The news of what’s happened has spread pretty quickly. She says: “Everyone in Norfolk Terrace knows.

“I went to my seminar and this girl was like, ‘Did you hear?’ and I was like ‘Yeah, it was me’.”

We contacted security about the incident, but they declined to comment.