Gwen Holt
Gwen Holt

Everything to look forward to now you’ve finished exams

Freedom is finally yours

Post-Halloween clubbers of the week

Halloween is done, but that doesn’t mean you are

There’s a real Haunted House in Norwich

Bet it’s not as scary as that summative you’re putting off

More clowns have been spotted on campus

‘I was absolutely terrified, especially since I already have a fear of clowns’

Clubbers of the Week: Freshest of the Fresh

You all got pretty wankered

Everything you must do during your first week at UEA

Get smashed, it’s freshers

Short hair isn’t all it’s hyped up to be

You don’t truly appreciate the beauty of a ponytail until your hair is too short for one

Big Narstie, Tough Love and Becky Hill are headlining the Exit Ball

It’s going to be large

Studying American Lit is so much better than English Lit

Don’t pretend you love Gatsby more than us

Everyone thought Example was playing at the LCR last night

He definitely wasn’t

The struggles of being Welsh at UEA

You are so, so, so alone

Campus Style: Autumn Afternoons

Did you look fit enough to make it in this week’s best dressed?

Norfolk Terrace fresher finds a man hiding in her closet

He said ‘gotcha’ and ran off